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Kwaka Not Starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Hi peoples,

    Got a small problem with zxr250 not starting :( , The problem started a few days ago when after a single night of sitting it would not start, it would turn over but not start was thinking maybe the plugs, anyways so i push started the bike bang away she went no probs even started fine the next time and started 1st time the next morning no probs. Now yesterday had trouble starting it at all even with a pushstart but it did start after a few attempt at a pushstart and today it wont start at all period. It now backfires about 2 secs after i have stoped trying to turn it over, and now if i try to start it via the starter any longer than about 10 sec the bat starts to loose charge, and it wont push start at all either... Any theories or advice/help would be great. :?:
    thanks alot.

  2. Sounds like you need a new battery.
    These little inline fours need to spin up a bit for them to fire and the little batteries do tend to die after a while. These bikes need batteries in excellent condition to run. Consider running a trickle charger as it also keeps the battery in good conditon.
  3. Yep. battery.

    They charge as they wear out but hold it for less and less time.

    If it's a non-sealed type, replace it with a sealed equivalent, or one with a large Amp-hour rating, if you can fit it.

    They last longer and have more starting grunt for their given Ah rating.

    No more top ups too!
  4. speaking of zxrs

    mmine wouldnt start this morning but it started last night so i thought i would be fine.

    anyway tried to push start her and didnt work, had to psh it back up 2 hills.. felt dazed and headspun after i got home cos i was dehydrated so didnt go to work :D also got some flu thats going around..

    im gonna buy a new battery..

    i had so much fun last night riding :D got my cast off yesterday.. even if iw as freezing..

    btw, anyone ride a blue yamaha around croydon gym?.. sorry for scaring you, i wanted some company :D
  5. last night in Melbourne was quite cold as the sky was clear and the temperture went down. If bikes are left outside or under carports etc they may suffer battery discharge and prevent bikes starting if batteries are not in tip top condition. 2 weeks ago group of us where up at Echuca for the evening and my mates brand new Ducati ST4S failed to start due to the cold and being left outside. Batterry's do not like the cold :(
  6. Ok so ill replace the battery and hopefully fix the starting prob thanks, Now whats the go with these battery tricklers are they any good or worth getting for that matter.
  7. If you're likely to be leaving the bike for a while (more than a few weeks), get one. If you use the bike every day or each week then there's no need.
  8. Changing the battery will certainly help, but just for info when was your bike last maintained (what was changed)?
  9. Gallon of petrol and a match!! After all, it's a Kwaka.


    Seriously, sounds like battery, but look for voltage regulator as the underlying problem. If the battery charges and the bike starts, then it does it again a few days later then look at the VR.
  10. Check solenoids on the starter (?I really have no idea, but it was suggested to me when I had some trouble?)

    :D :D :D
  11. ive pulled the bat out and the water levels are fine but theres alot of calcium built up on the plates so i think its been low b4 and left that way or not checked enough b4 i bought it so iam gonna just buy a heavy duty sealed bat that should fix me up ( i hope ), as for its last service was told when i bought it was 6 months ago but, the klm are almost 24,000 so its due for is major almost might just get that done as well. Ok so i wont be bothering with a trickler since ill be riding everyday, once its goin again.
    And if the new bat dont fix the prob and the service ill look into the VR. Now ive got lots to do, LOL thanks alot all for the help, Cheers