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Kwaka Ninja 250R SE

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by bettyblue, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Hey all :) Just thought I'd share my excitement to pick up my new bike tomorrow! I managed to get my P a month ago so decided to upgrade from my current bike (CB 125E).

    This is my first bike with fairings and first Kawasaki bike! Really looking forward to riding it regularly as I currently do with my CB125E.

    It's a big deal for me since being a girl, I am nowhere as strong or as tall as an average guy so had to be quite selective and careful about the upgrade.

    I got it from Sydney City Motorcycle in Lane Cove where I got my first bike as well. Can't express enough compliment to the guys there as I've previously shopped around for bikes at different stores and I find most actually have a bit of an aggressive attitude, don't know how to talk to a female customer (appears a bit uninterested or impatient) and some shops tried to tell me that I quoted the wrong price despite me having written down the price they gave me a while ago! Anyway, female customers, if you are after a friendly non-threatening customer service to pick up a new bike, I'd definitely hit the Lane Cove branch of SCM.

    Not sure what the guys at SCM think if they see this post! Probably assume they have to 'toughen' up a bit :eek:) Well, please don't!
  2. Congrats on the purchase. Pics of bike!! Otherwise it sounds more like a review of the shop. :p

    I know whatcha mean with the strength and height but you start to get your head around it and it's more a confidence thing. It's mainly wheeling the bike around and taking off on a road sloping to one side that bother me now as I'm a little too short.

    I've had similar experiences bike shopping. I -am- pedantic about what sort of people I deal with though. Like with the last bike; cornered one of the staff into not bringing any other sales people back with him when he went to speak to the sales manager otherwise I'd back out of the sale pretty fast. It happened with my first bike but fortunately they were all nice enough. :)
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  3. Oh you, :p You so crazy.

    Gratz about the bike though! It will certainly be a nice step up from the bike you've got now! I assume it's a 2008+ year? So it will be one of the pretty ones? I thought about one of those for my first bike but I figured I might drop it........and break it..... and not have the money to replace the fairings. :p

    And yes! Pics of the bike when you get it are compuslory! No debating or arguing allowed.
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  4. Here are the pictures :)



    Wheeling the bike is still an issue! Pushed with my legs ... I think it moved by about 1mm :p I am fairly certain anyone who was watching would have pissed themselves laughing.

    Sorry if it sounded like a shop review! I was just kinda stoked with the purchase :) The one thing I noticed is that being the only one in my group of friends who's into motorcycles, no one was really able to show me what to do! So it was a bit of a hit and miss at times ;o) and really, really slow learning curve.

    It's the 2012 Special Edition by the way :) Kawasaki is having $500 off until August, I think ...
  5. I wish mine was green! :)
  6. Ooh, you have the old GPX :) I think the newer Ninja has the same engine anyway. What colour is yours?
  7. Oh she's gorgeous! I love the current special edition. Picking my ninja up this Saturday :)
  8. black

  9. Pics pics! :)
  10. I'll post some when I get it! :) if you can picture it, it's a black ninja with green front fairings because the originals were slightly mangled. It sounds odd but actually looks pretty schmick.

    Keep us posted on how you're going with yours (I'm sure you're absolutely loving it haha)
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  11. Damn, that's a beautiful 250! Loving the special edition. Take care of her! (him?)
  12. Love it to death :) Engine sounds awesome. Have ridden it around town all day yesterday and finally wheeled it home at 1 AM!

    Maybe I should give it a male name. :)
  13. I don't see why you wouldn't! Only fair that you be riding a male all the time. :p
  14. My bike's a girl; girl-on-girl? :) Pity I don't swing that way, could go for this "riding a male all the time" that bettyblue is so fortunate to have!
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  15. Oh you, :demon:
  16. Nice bike! I love the Kawa green.