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Kwaka ER6-F 3000km's and clocking! But...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Grievance, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I recently purchased a Kawasaki ER6-F and ride it to and from work everyday (Highett to Warragul). It's my first bike which on the first service the mechanic was ecstatic to let me know how well I had run it in and unlike most she pull out of twisties and such really well.
    Anywho I was wondering how much I can rev her... when i first got her i didnt go over 5,000rpm until the first service and atm I don't go over 6,000rpm. Riding like this has led me to realise that I don't get the most out of each gear... What's safest for my bike? How I'm riding now (nothing over 6,000rpm) or can i let her climb higher? I guess my main question is if anyone else has this bike or the 'N'version what's your experience, particularly with first, second and third gear. Also when can you thrash those two cylinders within her comfort zone? After 6,000kms?
    Sorry about this mess of a topic, I guess i shouldn't be doing this at work.


  2. I'm up to 10000k on mine. Like you I did a gentle break in. The engine didn't seem to really loosen up until about 6000k. I do most of my riding around 5-7000rpm cause it runs well there (but drop back to 3-4000 for cruising). Run it up to 8-9000rpm with no problems. There's so much mid range grunt I haven't needed to go much higher.
    My memory is it was around 3000k when I started to work it a bit harder. I like my bike so I didn't suddenly thrash it.
  3. if your bike has done 3000kms then you should definitely have no qualms in revving it as hard as you want. Standard manufacturing guidelines usually state its fine after the first service.

    Personally i would have used all the revs before the first service, you dont want an "easy" break in.
  4. um why? you know something the manufacturer doesn't?
  5. New engines thrive on load, so varied revs every now and then, and not constant revs. Also new engines love downshifting, not crazy revs but halfway will do nicely.

    As said above, the bike has huge mid-range and loses puff and torque tapers off above 9,500-10000rpms. So shifting up a gear just before that and you'd definitely be hauling arse.
  6. Make sure you vary the engine load as that run up and down the highway wont be doing the engine any favours droning along at 110k.

    Take the back way a few times a week.
  7. I thrive when i have to downshift when coming to a stop. The bike sounds like sex. On freeways i go from 4th to 5th to 6th and back down to 5th to 4th etc just to change up the revs, i know she gets bored sitting in 5th going 110kms and quite frankly, so do i. Give me the starts and stops and dragging at the lights (and losing). I now take the back way everyday as when it's windy it's heaps easier on my noob skills, plus it's way more fun and much less mind-numbing.

    Thanks for clearing this up fellas.

    Watch out for side-swiping taxis
  8. 3000km? Consider yourself cleared to flog the bejesus out of it.
  9. I varied the revs right up the scale before the 1000km's service. Not flogging it and always with a warm engine. After 1000km's it was/is all go!