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Kwaka Bobber

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  1. Lovely mate, never ridden with apes before. Looks a bit uncomfortable to me
  2. very nice
  3. Nice build mate, they chumps apes?
  4. looks great !
  5. I loves a bobber! I didn't think apes that high were legal? Ever had any probs?
  6. hey guys
    nah they are not legal but never had an issue with rego .. also running only 1 mirror and no front guard. never had a issue with cops yet ...
    pretty uncomfortable with the apes and the sprung seat.. but i wanted looks over comfort.. did 180ks over the weekend and im still sore today lol ..

    picked up a trophy at the bike show over the weekend :)
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  7. Good onya! Hope the cops leave you the hell alone!
  8. image. image.
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