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Kuryakyn Grips

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Stimpy, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Hi Peoples

    Just a word of warning for those of you who have or are thinking of installing Kuryakyn grips.

    I had one come off in my hand while I was riding the other Day, talk about a tightened sphynkta. No dramas as it was only the grip that came off.

    Anyway it appears the glue didnt take and with a bit of moisture (Frost) on the bars, Off she came. I've since put it back using Araldyte which seems to have taken OK as she's now rock solid.

    So I don't recommend using the glue supplied.

  2. Think that is happening to mine too. The grip rotates but is held just a bit at one end. Have to go get some araldyte for when it comes off. :LOL:
  3. Ah come on Rod, harden up mate .. :LOL:

    Must admit, have noticed it moving a bit too.. will fix it up for sure now.. :wink:
  4. Seeing as the grip was a bit lose I decided I wanted to get rid of the bit of chrome betwwen the grip & controls & close the gap so I did not have to reach as far to get to the horn.

    I manage to get the grip off with no damage & had to get a gasket scraper & use it like a chisel to get the chrome ring off.

    That all went well. Slid the grip back on & DOH!. :shock: It only went on as far as it originally was. DAMN! :roll: :LOL:

    I ended up drilling a new hole for the controls, move them along, moved the mirror next to them & all was good. :grin:





    Much easier now for me to get me widdle thumb on the stebel. :LOL:
  5. The original chrome ring is supposed to come off anyway Ken..

    You would have cut that plastic spacer and fitted in the end of your grip when you fitted it, hence why it only went back on to same spot.. :wink: