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Kung Fu

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by scottomcgotto, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Disclaimer: This is by no means my joke; I stole it from an Indigenous Australian comedian that I saw at the Dockside Comedy club up here in Brisbane. I mean no disrespect what so ever.

    Well it turns out that Kung fu isn't Chinese. It's not even from Asia. It is as Australian as boomerang...

    Two young boys (Jackie and Chan, good strong Aussie names) were bored one day, sick of sitting around the camp fire watching the kangaroo cook, listening to the old fellas talk.

    Jackie has the idea of a boomerang throwing competition. Chan likes the idea so off the go with their boomerangs to see who can get their boomerang to come back the best.

    Being Jackie’s idea, it's only fair that Chan goes first. So he winds up and let’s rip a pearler of a throw. I lies over like a dream and comes back right to Chan’s hand. He doesn't even have to take a step.

    Not to be out done, Jackie steps up and boasts that he can do better, and to prove it he will do it with his eyes closed.

    “No worries” thinks Chan, he knows Jackie is all talk and is confident that he won't win.

    Jackie limbers up and throws, keeping his eyes closed. A beautiful release, it lays over perfectly... Just in time for the Fremantle doctor (I did mention they were in Perth didn't I?) to catch it and slam it into the back of one of the old fella's head.

    Shaking it off, the old fella gets up and looks in Jackie and Chan's direction and yells "Which Kung Fu that?"

    And kung fu was born.
  2. Dear scottomcsporran

    While the pacing and structure are good (especially scene setting asides like the Fremantle doctor quip), that it was "someone elses joke" is no defence. You are responsible for transmitting it and that makes you culpable. The punchline was shocker - amongst the worst I've seen. Congratulations on establishing the new baseline for Netrider jokes.

    You've been Humourated!
  3. Thinking back to my days walking through the mall late at night in Shepp.... Yep sounds right hahahaha.
  4. Ohh?? was it really that bad??? :eek:hno:
  5. Yeah, I reckon so. :p
  6. wow - didn't know it was possible for a joke to be that bad. i'm impressed :shock: :p :grin:
  7. I try my hardest.