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Ku-Ring-Gai Chase Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by jhammy, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Thinking of wasting an extra 40 mins on my way home this evening from work ;) (going from Chatswood to Manly)

    Just wanted to know if anyone has experience of this particular road in the Ku-Ring-Gai chase national park? What traffic is like during rush hour (seems as it doesn't really go anywhere efficiently)? Is it heavily policed or not? .... basically is it a nice road ride?

    This is the route.


    p.s. i'm setting off in 45 mins ;)
  2. I've been through there a few times before. From what i remember the roads aren't very well kept. The very dark bitumen and tree shadows make the bumps in the road hard to see, especially around corners.

    Having said that, the last time i went through there was about 8 months ago.
  3. ^ + look out for the lycra lovers.
  4. Nice road, but I'm biased, cos I live on the end of it....from Chatswood drop down into the River Valley on Delhi Rd, go north along the valley onto Yanko Rd, then Fox Valley Rd, then drop onto the F3 out to KG chase rd...watch the last couple of turns at the bottom of the hill...the Tarmac has been ground smooth and can be slick with saltwater coming off the boats being towed up the hill....
  5. Yea it would have been a nice little run if it wasn't so damn bumpy! after getting down by the water I was stuck behind a ute. Went to overtake him on a long straight and i'm sure I got air from the bumpy road surface. My ass defiantly left the seat anyway. Apart from that it was entertaining.
  6. Lol - you get to know where the bumps are..
  7. Just ride motocross style off the seat on the footpegs! :D

    It's a good road to get to the Old Pac from the Northern Beaches. You can combine it with McCarrs Crk and even do West Head if you leave early enough.