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Ku-Ring-Gai Chase (McCarrs Creek Rd)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Myke, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all, hoping to get some thoughts/advise on Ku-ring-gai chase road

    What are people's thoughts on McCarrs Creek Road and West Head Road in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase? Thinking of going there Sat afternoon. Is it going to be filled with lycras? whats the road like and traffic? Will there be lots of cars going for picnics and what not?

  2. I think you should go there & tell us.

    Or do a search, there's 5 threads linked below ;)
  3. Also thoughts on Liberator General San Martin Drive would be great as well :)
  4. I've done the search - it doesn't cover Liberator... and the McCarrs one only had 1 post.. and a couple are about 2 years old.. so thats the relevance of this post.
  5. WELL,some people live on that road,it runs through a beautiful National Park with lots of picnic spots.There is a huge marina with lots of boat ramps,some Restaurants.It heads to wards some of the best Beach's in Sydney,lots of people ride push bikes through there and its a 4 day long weekend,but the weather forecast is not that great.Not sure if there is any road works planned or if your trip will coincide with the slow Government buss that travels up near the beach end.Sorry to sounds like a wanker but as per usual its a crap shoot and I would expect lots of traffic but who knows.Its a great ride just do it.
  6. The first bit was the relevant bit. The second bit was me being a smartarse.
  7. road is generally ok but surface is mostly shit and this slows you down in the bends and prevents real enjoyment unless you know the road very very well.

    Yea there will be people on pushys, thats the same as any nice road. There will probably be people towing boats and going on picnicks so that might slow you down.
  8. Went down McCarrs yesterday and had a clear run down, free parking while I went sailing and then a very slow run back up. A few cyclists who didn't slow me down directly but did slow down the cars I was stuck behind. I think it is good to ride on bumpy roads with tight corners, but on my Ps at easter it was all at 60...
  9. If you live nearby, I'd recommend paying the $20 (i think) annual park membership, and going up to West head. New road, nice and wide, minimal cyclists and the best view on the North Shore. Do it!
  10. Thanks all. well I did the trip. Did it around midday. on Easter Saturday. Very little traffic.

    I took McCarrs Creek Road then off onto Liberator blah blah blad Drive. That road loops around with some nice bends. The trouble is halfway through the loop you come across a National Park Entrance (like the one at the Royal National Park) BUT.. this one you have to pay $11 per bike to pass through. Doesn't matter if you're not stopping. And this price is the same as for a single car with say 5 adults... anyway... paid the $$ which allows you to then continue the loop and as hugh mentioned above, provides access to West Head. Apparently the same pass provides access to Bobbin Head as well...

    Beautiful view: check CrayolaS7's post for a sample. Its much prettier when on a sunnier day as it was on Sat:


    The road is narrowish. Not potholes, but there are ripples in the road occasionally.

    And there's a nice place to have lunch at Akuma Bay (well.. its the only place) by the boat bay thing.