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Ktulu's new bike will explode your face!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Well I finally got around to taking some pics!

    My new ride:
    2002 Kawasaki ZX6R (636cc).
    27,000k's. No mods and badly in need of a double-bubble screen.



    Bought the new beast in Brisbane last friday at 2pm, rode it home to Sydney. Arrived 3am.
    Longest and hardest ride I've ever done.

    :arrow: and totally worth it.

    I thought there were 3 kinds of things you stop for: fuel, food, toilet.

    Turns out there's a 4th! Cleaning the visor after riding too fast at dusk :grin:


    Blue slip this thursday, CTP already sorted. Some NSW plates and a few hundred bucks to the RTA and it will be mine at last.

    Love the riding position.
    AND IT'S GOT A CLOCK!!!!! :eek:
  2. AWESOME, you're bringing seksy back.

    Looks fantastic, how much did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Welcome to K club. Once you have K, you must ride.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Onya! :twisted:
  5. Congrats man, but bloody hell thats a huge ride straight up to get her home! :shock: But i guess you had to get it home some how :LOL:
    Have many years of fun with her!
  6. Kwaka huh? Good luck with that :p

    Gratz on the new ride dood.
  7. 7

    It's not perfect, there's a couple of little scratches here and there, but it's 5 years old, and they don't come up for sale with such low k's too often at all.

    Heh, yeah the ride was a biggy, LKC73. Only got chased by the fuzz once :grin: and I think I must have been the first biker to ever enter the Nabiac pub at 11:30pm, slam a helmet on the bar and order a cup of tea, please, to warm me up :p
  8. Congrats there Kutulu..... no better way to get acquainted with the new missus :) I did the same thing as you...when I rode down a few years ago...all I wanted was a strong hot cuppa!! Freezing...plus when I got pulled over for speeding I almost fell off I was frozen solid.. The copper was laughing... anyways due to my good driving/riding record got off with a caution :grin: See you round the traps on your new one!! She does need a name though?? :LOL:
  9. Onya Ktulu,
    Good to see you cleaned the bike before you cleaned the helmet ..
  10. That helmet shot is brilliant! Nice bike.
  11. mmmmmm
    Nice bike and soooo red which of course means it will go faster than the others and look sexier while its doing it .
    Congrats to you Ktulu.
  12. Looks good, and the 636 was generally regarded as the pick of the 600's at the time :)
  13. Who needs MORTEIN when Ktulu's around? :p
  14. :LOL: @ ya helmet.

    What happened to ya last bike bud?
  15. But... it's not green? :|


    Something about buying a bike from somewhere a fair distance (ok, but not THAT far) away and riding it home appeals to me. Nice bike! :)
  16. I sold it!

    'Twas a 250 and required a new owner to love and thrash it like I did.

    Yes, Deadsy, it isn't green. Apparently it's not a real Kawasaki, but I don't care, it matches my helmet to help me stay nice and camouflaged = invisible to cars; justifying my policy of staying the hell away from them.
  17. v nice 2loo!

    only the fast kwakas are red

    that model looks hot without the faring if you can keep the headlight attached

    cheers :cool:
  18. Good work.

    Ya gonna love her mate. Its hardly been used. :cool: :grin:

    You recoverd from the sore ass yet? :LOL:
  19. onya ktulu
  20. well done onya new ride

    So the rumors are true??????? :LOL: