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Ktulu bins the FZR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. On Saturday the 17th February, at the end of the Cancer Council ride at Stanwell Tops/Bulli Pass, Netrider Ktulu got his knee down.

    ... and ankle.

    ... and shoulder.

    ... and LHS fairing.

    In traditional Ktulu style and skill - he rode for an entire day, sometimes at speeds exceeding 140km/hour; leaning off the bike to complete corners at multiples of the recommended speed limit, maneuvering in and out of traffic to keep up with some riders and protect less experienced ones...

    :arrow: only to persue a more intimate relationship with the ashphalt at sub 15km/h :?

    This particular stack is seen as a throw-back honour, to Ktulu's masterful participation in the Urban GP through Eastwood, last year, where a 2nd place victory was certain until tragedy struck at speed on the final straight.

    Ktulu says "Urban GP", others say "cheeseburger run".
    Ktulu says "final straight", others say "Maccas Carpark".
    Ktulu says "at speed", others say "at 2km/hour".

    These are minor details.

    Further to the more recent incident:
    It appears the section of road leading out of the Stanwell Tops conference centre, interspersed with speed-bumps and a particular drainage dip is in a condition described by road safety experts as "a little bit dodgy, ay?"
    As Ktulu entered the drainage dip, it became apparent riders on the other side were slowing down - so Ktulu applied the brakes on the way up the ramp out of the drainage dip.

    It was there that a cruel sort of mongrel bastard mixmatch of concrete and tar came into play: knocking Ktulu's [already light at the top of a rise] front wheel to the right - pitching him left. As Ktulu was decelerating, balance was the only factor keeping the bike upright, until this fate reached out it's cold, clammy hands and snatched the Yamaha's stability away!
    ... as well as it's left indicator.

    The bike swiftly decided that the road-surface was more harsh and unforgving than previously anticipated and promptly slid off it and onto the grass - loyally leaving Ktulu to rot on the road and await the crows.

    Well I suppose, that's a little bit melodramatic.

    Sidi boots, Draggin Jeans and pushups ensured that my ankle, leg and shoulder feel just fine :grin: and there's a small scrape on the Shoei to remind me to wear it not just because the law says so.

    One crack I'll need to get repaired on the LH duck-tail - surprisingly little scratches there. Some on the LHS fairing, and it's broken the join where the fairings meet and are held together just behind the front wheel.

    I'll take a couple of pics tonight and upload 'em for everyone to ooh and aaah at :)

    The lesson is "Road bikes are for riding on good roads... unlike most of the shit we have in Sydney. So ride ride ride on nice smooth roads, and be careful on everything else."

    I anticipate a variety of photo's from Scrambles and Haggismaen of 'what they thought they saw' :LOL:
  2. Sorry to hear it... nah, can't really even say that: it's the way you tell 'em! Hope the bike is easily and cheaply fixable, and delighted you don't need fixing. Wait, maybe I should rephrase that.
  3. great write up.... sorry to hear about your off and glad your ok..... but from the sounds of things, by the time grandkids are on the way you will have a great story to tell em :LOL: :wink:
  4. And that goes to prove ladies, gents and little kidies that road bikes and low speeds are NOT compatable, stay safe. Ride fast :)
  5. Damn Ktulu!

    I was reading this thinking - is he ok? is he ok? please let him be ok... :)

    +1 Stewy - tis a great write up. :LOL:
  6. dude sorry about the stack, but :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: to the speed.
  7. So long as you are able to post and not in a hospital bed everything else is fixable

    All the best in repairing the bike
  8. Glad you're ok dude. :grin: Now go fix your bike. :)
  9. Double Damn Ktulu. Great write up as usual , shame about the subject matter. At least your in one piece.
  10. Ahh man...
    Pick it up.
    Dust it off.
    And don't do it Again!

    At least you are fine and it is all reparable.
  11. Ktulu, your mastery of the bike is surpassed only by your articulacy... :LOL:

    Glad to hear you came out OK and hope your bike bounces back better than ever.

    One bright side is we all had 3 minutes of pure entertainment reading your recap of "the incident" :wink:
  12. + agoogle

    Glad you're on top of things (well maybe under) Ktulu, thanks for the entertainment :wink:
  13. Bugger! But so glad to hear that you're ok. Keep up the good writing.... :)
  14. Damn those must have been some sweet corners.
  15. :shock: What are you going to post when you have a REAL accident? :LOL: :LOL:

    Sorry to hear about it, mate, you have to watch things as you get down towards Wollongong, you know, it's another country altogether.....
  16. Hah! REAL accident = illustrated novel :p

    I know! Coming back up Mt Ousely at 10pm last night I was in the centre lane and got a horrible head-shake in the middle of a bend :eek:
    I realised you have to stick to the far right lane because that's the one that hasn't been totally rooted by trucks and buses.

    Thanks for the support everyone.
    I'm still ridin' and having fun - I look forward to riding with a few of the Victorian riders next month too... even if they might be a little scared now :grin:
  17. Sorry to hear about the off.
    Great write up though :grin:
    I'll get you to do mine next time I come off
  18. Great write up, pure entertainment. :)
    Sorry about the off though. :(
  19. Oh, did we give you that impresion??? we didnt' mean to :p :LOL:
  20. You, sir, are a goose.