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KTM supermoto

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. As some of you may know, in Feb this year I lashed out & bought only the second new bike I have ever purchased. And that is in a list of about 13. Or so. Give or take a few. I've sort of lost count. Both new bikes have been dirt bikes. Just in case you were interested.

    But back to the subject. The new bike. A KTM 625 SXC to be exact. A 625cc single cylinder four stroke road legal dirt bike. Described in the sales brochure as a bike that can be "ridden in the city as well as light enduro trails"

    Pfft I hear you say. Grubby looking, slow, evil handling underpowered pigs. Well, thats what I thought too. Until I actually rode one :shock: Holy cr@p. These things rock. And they're not actually slow. I have 183km/hr showing on my max. speed indicator as we speak. And this is with the stock standard dirt gearing & knobby tyres :shock: :shock:

    To give you some sort of idea of the acceleration available, one of these babies in stock standard trim is good for a low 12 second quarter mile e.t. Which is fine. On a nice smooth tarseal road (or track) But to get the real effect of this acceleration, one should sample said bike in its natural enviroment. And that happens to be in the bush. Bouncing over rocks, puddles & such, all the while dodging trees & whatever happens to get in your way. Holy cr@p. Things can get REAL interesting REAL QUICK let me tell you.

    The closest I can get to describing the experience would be to liken the throttle to the fast foward button on your VCR or DVD player. You know, rolling along, hit the throttle & BANG. Everything goes into fast foward. Trees, rocks & errant wildlife starts flashing by at a rather alarming rate. SHIT -there's a corner coming up. Grab the brakes, everything starts sliding, bouncing & slewing around as we head for disaster. Manage to get things back under control. Back to normal speed again. Until you touch the throttle. And things go beserk. Again. Fast foward. This goes on for as long as you can take it. Till you are reduced to a quivering pile of jelly. With tears running out of the corners of your eyes, snot running down to your chin all the while giggling -no, laughing hysterically as if you've just escaped from a mental asylum. Hehehehehe. Well it does it to me. And a few people I know as well :wink:

    Whats this got to do with a supermoto? I hear you ask. Sorry. Getting sidetracked. Just a bit. Not really. Just giving you a little bit of background for the rest of the tale. And it will make sense in the end. Bear with me
    Tonight I happened to be down at the local KTM dealer dropping my bike off for its 5000km service. And parked on the footpath was a nice new demo KTM 625 SMC supermoto. Complete with aftermarket Akropovic twin exhausts. With baffles removed. (Insert Homer Simpson drooling noises here)
    "Can I take it for a bit of a spin?" I ask.
    "Sure, here's the keys."" You've got to do at least 10km's on it to get the feel of it"
    "So don't hurry back" "Take your time & enjoy it"
    No further encouragement needed. Thumb the magic button & she barks into life :shock: Woo hoo. This thing sounds COOL. Not excessively loud, but a nice deep thumping rumble. Angry like. Snick it into first & we're off. Nice & easy for a couple of km's to warm things up. Stop at a set of red traffic lights.
    Green light, go. And I mean GO. Crack the throttle & she LEAPS foward, hoisting the front wheel in the air. Back off the gas, return the front wheel to terra firma, click into second & hello -it's happening again. Roll of the gas just a fraction, click third & yeeehaaar, she's doing it all again. Front wheel hanging beautifully steady about 3 feet off the ground. Ride this one through to the upper reach of the power band & gently settle it back on the ground. All in about the length of a city block. And within the open road speed limit :LOL: Well -sort of. Give or take a km or two. Or twenty :LOL: :LOL: Accompanied by the most glorious thundering machine gun type soundtrack provided by those twin Akropovics. She's one frisky puppy this one. If its not standing on the back wheel its doing the opposite on the front :LOL:

    Which brings me to the next point. Stopping. No problems here my friends. Its a one fingered deal for this exercise. Braking comes in the form of a four pot Brembo caliper clamping a 320mm floating disc. This may not sound particularly stunning to the six pot twin disc radial caliper sport bike crowd, but trust me it works. Something to do with only having 140 kilos to bring to a halt I guess. As I said, one finger is enough to have the back wheel hovering just off the ground. With oodles of feel as well.

    So we know she goes. And she stops good too. So how does she handle. Glad you asked. Superb. Brilliant. Easy as you like. That long travel suspension works a treat in the real world of broken sufaces, pot holes & mismatched layers of seal. And the smooth stuff as well. Miles of ground clearance. I suspect if you find your pegs scraping, your @rse & elbows will be too. The bike steers as if by mind control. Fairly typical dirtbike style. Nice wide bars & a steepish headstock angle account for this I guess. Simply sit there, point the bike where you want to go, & she does it. No drama. Just point & shoot. Too easy.
    Combine this with an engine that pulls from the first crack of the throttle right through to near the rev limiter & you have got yourself a weapon. In the corners mind you. No good for setting land speed records though. Or riding round in circles at a particular island circuit near Melbourne. But if your weekend riding consists of a lap or two of the spurs, or a run up & down the ocean road, then you will not find a sharper tool. How do I know? I also happen to own a VFR400R. And believe me, in the twisties it’s quick. Quicker than most litre bikes in the tight stuff. Well the ones I’ve come across anway. But this baby would lay waste to them all. Till things got to the other side of $1.40 if you get my drift.

    So how does this relate to my SXC dirt bike? Hehehehe. Same frame. Same engine. Same carby. And there just happens to be a conversion kit available. Consisting of 17 inch wheels, pilot power tyres, oversize brake disc, caliper relocation bracket & rear sprocket carrier. Starting to get the picture? Might be a good reason to do a tax return hey? Haven’t done one for about 4 years. Wonder what the taxation department owes me?
  2. Great write up roarin! I too am salivating......."drool"...

    i'm comin off my restrictions in a month so will definitely test ride a supermotard

    most of my riding is about the city of sydney so motards seem perfect for it.

    Would the bike you rode be pretty much the same as the current KTM LC4 supermotard?

    I'm dying for someone to ride the KTM 959 supermotard......that bike looks seriously wicked!!
  3. Sounds awesome mate! I must take one of these for a spin. Perhaps if somebody I knew happened to buy one that might let me have a ride. Yes, that would be nice. :grin:
  4. If by chance you do happen to purchase one of Austrias finest -make sure you DO NOT open the included catalogue titled "Power parts" or "hard parts"
    Oh my lordy lord. This would have to be the devils own invention. Cause if you happen to open these catalogues, you are confronted with lovely glossy photos of all sorts of ehancements designed especially for your newly aquired pride & joy. All factory produced. Just like the racers use. Things like stroker cranks, hot camshafts, big bore piston kits, carbon fibre engine cases & titanium exhaust systems to name a few. How about titanium nitride coated & polished forks or shocks? Oversized discs & upgraded calipers. (And supermoto wheel kits as mentioned above)
    If you can resist these temptations, you are a better man than me.
    To loosely quote Blackadder -"they have devised a plan so cunning & devious you could pin a tail on it & call it a weasel"
  5. Well now -what can I say. This I suppose. That damned evil piece of the devils own handwriting (otherwise known as the KTM hard parts catalogue) finally got the better of me. Yes -I weakened & finally relented. And now, sitting in the garage, waiting for a spare hour or two of my time, is a set of 17 inch spoked wheels. Complete with family sized pizza front disc, a couple of sprockets to chose from & shod with Michelins finest. Pilot powers. And a nice stubby supermoto front guard. Yeeee haaaaa. Man I can hardly wait. Damn these 12 hour shifts.
    Just for a little bit of an insight to the potential fun that awaits, consider this. Anyone familiar with my other current favourite ride, a VFR400R may gain a bit of an insight. My KTM makes around about the same horsepower. A bit more torque. Right off the bottom. But the KTM weighs about -lets see, 50 KILOS LESS :shock: With acres & acres of ground clearance :LOL: :LOL: Starting to get the picture. Hehehehehe. See ya's out there
  6. You are a scary motherf*cker. Can't wait to see it in action dude!
  7. You're a bloody blur on the VFR when you go past me. All I'm going to see now is an orange flash.. :(

  8. sounds fkn gr8 roarin. im realy keen on geting a retard myself once i sell me jixer 6a. prolly just a 400 tho

    Thats all that springs to mind right now. :wink:

    Seriously, you think the road is fun on that thing, wait till you get it on some real tight stuff or the track!
  10. Lets see if this works.

    And you'll have to wait till next week to (hopefully) see the "after"
  11. I'm seriously considering a supermoto now, cause i'm selling my dirt bike (ktm 300 2 stroke), and still have the same gpx250 i had when i was on my p's. I was looking at the ZZR600, but i'm pretty tall, 6'5, and these dirt bikes with road wheels sound like a hell of a lot of fun also. Is the LC4 worth a look aswell?
  12. We are waiting, how did you go?

    I have made the big decision to limit my commuting from 120kms a day down to 20kms. So am looking at buying something a bit silly in the new year, I was always turned off these type of bikes due to maint intervals but now this is not a problem!

    How hard is it to swap the wheels over if I decided to head bush?


  13. Mine takes about 1/2 hour.
  14. Thanks Motard!

    So the brakes etc don't need to be changed, just the wheels? If that is all then it might be a goer! My youngest son wants a dirt bike and well I would be a pretty slack dad if I didn't go riding with him now wouldn't I!
  15. I run the standard front brake - will change that soon to a 320mm rotor. This will require an adabtor bracket to relocate the caliper. This shouldnt add much time to the change over.

    All I change is the wheels and swap over the front rotor. I have 4 (2 front, 2 rear) sprockets and two chains to suit. I also have a different front fender for dirt. The its a couple of button pushes on the computer to swap different wheel size and away we go.

    Best of both worlds. My preference is Supermoto but option is always there.
  16. Well now -it's only taken me about a year & a rainy day, but I have finally managed to upload a picky of the mighty farm bike :) So for all those who were asking before, here she is :)
    Complete with war wounds & all. Odo currently reads just on 19,000kms & total list of mechanical failures are as follows.
    1 countershaft seal @ $8.00 Thats it. Damn unreliable european bikes.
    I must add that said bike spent the first 8,000 odd kms of its life in this form
    And let me tell you that 8,000kms in the dirt is probably equivalent to at least double that on the road. So to say I am happy with it would be putting it mildly. Cheers all :grin:
  17. Sounds like a blast mate. Actually been thinking about picking up an 03 640 LC4-E SM that's up for sale locally.
  18. Nice write-up. I know a bloke with one of these and he loves it when he's not catching the train due to losing his ticket. ;)
  19. hehehe juz