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KTM SuperDuke and CB600 Hornet stolen (attn Tas/Vic)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heinz_Guderian, May 22, 2007.

  1. Our bikes were stolen last night in Launceston, Tasmania.

    KTM Superduke, 2006, metallic grey, ACT rego 68951
    Honda CB600F Hornet, 1998, blue, Tas rego CY600

    KTM was standard with very light damage on the left hand side. Honda has a fly screen and cut-off rear mudguard, with mini indicators. Both bikes had 'Greenie' type stickers on the swingarms.

    Please contact Tasmania police if any information. Bikes were not insured.

    Sorry if this is wrong thread; couldn't see a 'stolen' one.

  2. that blows... big time. sorry to hear it HG. and what's worse, they're highly likely to be in a thousand pieces by now and unrecognisable. we'll keep an eye out anyway...

    so whatcha gonna get next? :grin: sorry, had to try to find one bright spot. c x
  3. Ah man, that's just shithouse.

    You've convinced me to renew my comprehensive next year.
  4. Yeah, all the cliches apply: had the locks but they weren't on the bikes, thought t wouldn't happen to me etc. We only moved here a few months ago, the bikes haven't seen a shop, so not an 'industry' theft it seems.

    But I have been trying to sell an old ute and have given out my address for people to come and look at it, but several haven't. Perhaps my advice is to keep a log of phone numbers received when doing this.

    No insurance, so no replacements for a long time. Fortunately, vans can only hold two bikes so they didn't get my YZF750 or the lass's VFR400. At least not yet.

    Also congrats to local plod who came straight out, and seem to be taking it seriously (just asked me for pics to give to local media). I have seen the opposite reaction in the past in other states and credit where it's due etc.
  5. Oh shit. So sorry to hear it.

    If I find them, I'll be happy to ride them back home to you, conserving as much front tyre wear as possible.
  6. I would LOOOOOVE to catch a bike thief in the act.

    ... even if it costs me a new turkey baster and bottle of Tabasco sauce...

    Hope they track the son's of whores down.
  7. I'll be happy with catching him later on... Supers were down here on the weekend... hoping they aren't going back with the stream of bikes. Dammit, have to stop thinking about the 'what if's. S'funny, never had a bike pinched before despite years of living in inner-city Sydney with my bike parked in fairly 'public' areas, though with good locks. Few very close calls though. Down here in sleepy Taz for a couple of months, *poof*.

    Many thanks for condolences, and for the wishes of slow painful death to the perpetrators.
  8. Friends Brand spanking new R1 stolen about the same time.........

    Bring back public flogging and the stocks I reckon
  9. oh man, two awesome bikes that are now gone!

    real sorry to hear that mate.

    tassie isn't a HUGE place, maybe you can hire a bike & ride through the derwent forest for a day or so looking for em?
  10. i nearly threw up when I read the title of the post, about the duke... Thats discusting! I really hope Karma comes back for you, and hope that you get sorted. :cry:
  11. Hey Heinz, I wasn't rubbing it in or anything mate, i was rethinking this today and was tempted to not renew. Funny eh? Would have thought it'd be pinched in Syd, and not Tasmania.

    Bastards. My best mates bike was pinched on the weekend from out the front of his house in castle hill. Nobody heard a thing. Thank christ he's comprehensively insured.

    It seems to be happening more and more often lately.
  12. ....so, tash, carri, what Hornet bits do you need??? :LOL:

    Sorry, HG, not laughing at your awful news, just trying to lighten the mood a bit. You can bet they were stolen to order, for bits, as carri said. I know I'd be furious/distraught etc etc if my bike was stolen, and it IS insured. It's just such a violation of your rights.....
  13. Hey Iffracem: nice avatar, signature AND motorsickle.

    No problems with the jokes people, all smiles are welcome here.

    Regarding the 'stolen to order': I don't know if it's a coincidence, but the Superbikes were in town on the weekend. Rest assured I will have interstate mates checking any KTM Super Duke race bikes in the paddock. And while I'm not pointing the finger, IF it was a racer then I hope you feel really good: the Hornet belonged to my gal who's a medical professional (no, not a nurse) at the hospital and was helping more than one rider injured in crashes at Simmons Plains this past week. Possible the Duke went for an order, and the Hornet was just a freebie to fill the extra space in the van.

    Anyone sees any KTM parts on eBay, any time in the next year, please fling me a PM if you remember.

    I only put about 2000ks on it and most of that with a dead, squared-off rear tyre, so I never really got the best out of it, handling-wise... or wheelie-wise. Still, at least I've got my health. *cough*
  14. I reckon the link to the SB's is the key.

    Tray ute, stickers that read "joe bloggs M/cycle repairs, free pickup n delivery" is all that's required to grab any bike from any public carpark, they could come over on the ferry, grab any bikes they want from the smorgasbord on offer that week/weekend, load em into a covered van/curtainsider and be back over the puddle before the sticky brown hits the rotary oscillator.

    I'd say that this is three of many gone that weekend.

    Sad to say, but I reckon they're all parts by now, available in every state of OZ.

  15. I heard that the Duke was recovered at Ravenswood. Any truth to this rumour?
  16. Sorry to hear about your bikes, one of our bikes A GT250R was taken from our carport a week after my mate bought it. Question if we "steal" a motorbike thief is it acceptable to "break" them down into parts as they do to our bikes?
  17. Sorry to hear about your loss. I had my CBR929 stolen so I know how your mate feels. Hope he gets is back. I think all thieves should meet a slow and painful end. Damn them