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  1. JimmyD submitted a new showcase item:

    KTM RC8R

    Read more about this showcase item...

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  2. Looks pretty sweet, have you got a stack of rear tyres for PI :p
  3. Yeah got 2 rears and 2 fronts haha.

    Wonder how much faster than my CRF it'll be
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  4. Fark yeah
  5. There's very few sportsbikes that I really like, this one happens to be one of them. Congratulations and enjoy!
  6. Wanna swop?

    Ever so slightly jealous...
  7. had a track day on it today at phillip island. heaps of fun.

    suspension is awesome! needs higher footpegs. bit down on top end HP but really its not that bad.

    also got it signed by Jeremy McWilliams, and he gave me some pointers on setup.



    if you're a bit unsure who he is, he is the ex gp racer who was responsible for development of both the rc8 and 1290 superduke r.

    and was the winner of the international challenge class at the phillip island classic yesterday. proper.
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    That's pretty special
  9. unfortunately i didn't get the same pace as him haha.

  10. What was your lap time?
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    Its in the PI lap times thread 1.40.something

    Not that you need the ego boost :p
    but 1.40 is 2.5 seconds off the bears F1 lap record,

  12. 1:40.37 on supercorsas. i haven't even checked the sag on it yet haha so its not really setup for me.
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  13. whats better than 1 rc8r?

    2 of course!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. I envy.

    Good on ya JimmyD......
  15. im hoping to head to broadford this weekend coming to test, see if i can get my head around it.

    if i'm on the pace i'll do the WSBK support this year and hopefully a couple of FX Pro Twins events.
  16. Nice, you're spoiling yourself.
    You still gonna race tards this year? or just focus on the big bike
  17. i'll try some stuff on the big bike, the price i paid for the track bike was less than a brand new motocross bike (i was tossing up between a new race tard or a bigger thing) so i just had to jump on it.

    right place at right time i think.

    its an ex team KTM ASBK bike.

    sounds nice, that's shifting at 11,000rpm.
  18. That's a pretty sweet deal! If I had the money I'd come down to broady for the day and check it out.

    It sounds pretty horn! it will be interesting to see how you go on it
  19. not much to update on this rc8r, i've ordered a fender eliminator which should be here shortly.

    took the akra system off the race bike and fitted it to this one, remapped it. might change the cam timing on this one to get a bit more power but really it goes fairly reasonable anyway.

    here's a ride video from when it used to be nice and warm. where did summer go? so depressing.