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KTM RC8R exhaust upgrades?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by heffa, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Well, the time has come to do a few mods to the RC8R now, and top of my list at present is the exhaust. Not only is the stock can kinda quiet for such a beast, but its damn heavy. 14kg according to KTM!!! :wtf:

    So, I'm looking to some lighter, louder and clearer flowing alternatives. I want to stick with the under slung can, rather than extending out the back. Main options I have found are:
    • The Akrapovic Street Performance kit. This includes headers, as I understand it wont match the stock piping. Been told it makes a sound like an angry Balrog. Can be had from Jeffrey Motocycles for $2100 +install.
    • Ken from Megacycle has offered me a steel setup using the stock headers for around $1600 including install. Custom job, so it would take a few days. The pics I saw were not majorly pretty, but its all covered with the fairing anyway. I'm partial to Megacycle, and have one on my SV.
    • The FMF Full Exhaust system. Steel also, uses the stock headers. Looks good, has a decent sound, but the 2 I have seen installed rubbed against the fairing and the tip didnt line up properly. Can get from local dealers for around $1600 (self install).
    • The JCE Titanium Standard. Looks damn pretty and very light, uses the stock headers. I've not heard one in real life, but the vids I've found are impressive. and at AU$1220, including postage, its incredibly cheap for Ti!
    I am also not sure about effects to the stock engine mapping. The Lambda O2 sensors are mounted near the top of the headers, so I imagine there would be no changes required if retaining the stock ones. Or is there something I'm missing there?

  2. While the Akrapovic is a lot if coin I reckon it's the best looking and fitting option. I have seen an rc8 trackbike with a dual mega cycle exhaust on it and it sounded amazing but the round stainless steel cans looked out of place. The JCE is pretty popular but if you are spending that kind of coin why wouldn't you go the Akrapovic? Can comment on the FMF, have never even seen it
  3. The JCE is $1220 and I can install it myself. The Akra is $900 more, plus I wouldnt trust myself to do the headers, so extra for the install. Biiiig price difference
  4. Sorry, my mistake misread the price of the JCE. In defense of the Akra though it is a full system and their build quality is amazing. As a value for money option though it looks like we have a winner in the JCE. Maybe check out how the build quality is from a few people who own them, nothing worse than buying a bargain that leaves a sour taste in your mouth...

    I bought a Taylormade assuming it would be pretty well made and it's sitting in my rubbish bin right now, I gave up after rebuilding it a 4th time...it's an absolute piece of shit
  5. Akra's are just lovely. Everything about them is a little bit special.