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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by woodsy109, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. I pulled up next to one at the lights last week and had a quick chat to the guy riding it. He was from Wayne Lenards in Cairns and was out bedding in the brakes (they were mighty squeaky). I must say they look much better in the flesh and have a very unique sound. Much like a ducati at idle but once it gets going its a lot different. He said it was a demo so I might be in to visit for a test ride very soon.

    So has anyone ridden one yet and what do you think of them?

  2. I seen one the other day, and it looked alright...but its got the price tag of the duke...with none of the performance, i think its 5hp down on power and a fair bit heavier. Not that you or me really care. It will be interesting to see how there radical styling dates.

    I think its one of those bikes thats not beautiful in the way the 916, 1098 and the mv's 312 are, its just different, and it will appeal to people who want "different".
  3. freaky i saw one yesterday too. I saw ahead of me the awesome tail lights with the two rows of LED's. I didnt believe it could have been the KTM so i sped up and yep, an orange RC8, looks unbelievable, very futuristic like its from some iRobot sh*t :grin:
  4. True. I looked up the price today, $27000! I thought they would be in the low 20's. I'd be inclined to go a few extra grand for the 1098 for sure.
  5. Sweet jesus.

    I have a hard time understanding that price bracket of the RR machines, I must admit. I mean, you've got the $17000-18000 Jap superbikes, and then there's the $25000+ KTM, Ducati and BMW offerings.

    Admittedly I've heard great things about the BMW, and the Ducati too, but it seems like a hard ask to pay 150% for street-legal racing bikes which, on paper, aren't 150% faster.

    But then, I suppose it's like the $13000 V-strom vs the $17000 Tiger (though on paper, Tiger 1050 is superior), or a $55,000 WRX STi vs a $150,000 M-series, or something. Intangible refinement of the "feel" and luxury of the vehicle, and a more exotic brand?

  6. Thats for a 1098s your referring to at $30,995(+ORC), but the 1098 is $25,995 (+ORC), so i definitely would prefer the Ducati.
    Plus the recognition when people hear or see you have a Duke, as opposed to telling them i have a KTM, and they'd think you just have a enduro/trail bike lol.
  7. Yep, the Ducati is definately for you! :LOL: :wink:

    But what will you ride when its in the shop or wont start? :p
  8. Everytime i hear that jb i hear someone who has never owned one lol

  9. <sigh> another euro import that gets lost in translation :roll:

    I dunno. In Europe, the RC8 has a significant price advantage over the 1098, despite being a brand new model. Here in Oz, the tables are turned. It's understandable - the Duc is a known quantity, has superior brand awareness and is far from controversial in it's styling. The RC8 is none of these things.

    As a result, Ducati will sell a couple of hundred 1098s a year. KTM will sell 5 to 10. That won't go anywhere near covering the cost of type approval, even at the $27k ticket. KTM at least has the benefit of selling it's staple product (singles) by the slab, so it can bear the losses, unlike others in the same boat (Benelli, Moto Morini etc.), but it's not going to make money on this product line.

    The only Euro to enter the Oz big bike market in the last couple of decades and actually make money has been Triumph (BMW never left). That's because they understood brand positioning better than anyone else, and so did the parent manufacturer.

    I'd like to see the RC8 do well, if only because it would secure the future of other KTM twins in Oz. It's probably a very good bike (KTM do nothing in half measures) but it's hard to see how large numbers of them will be sold here.
  10. Putting it in perspective, if you're the sort of tosser that would drop 60+ large on a car, what's 30 grand for a bike?
  11. Awww that's a bit harsh.

    The KTM seems capable enough. $30k buys some nice road bikes, i don't think the KTM carries enough weight to be in amongst the bikes in that bracket.
  12. Yeah I think 27k is a bit rich for a bike but it doesn't stop me from looking closely at the rich stuff to see what kind of things I can expect in a more affordable bike in five years time. Kinda like looking into the future a little bit.

    As far as what 27k gets you. KTM's approach is different to Ducati. Where Ducati make sexy bikes which meld style and performance, KTM designs and builds machinery that is efficient and task focused. The parts on any stock KTM are are premium but the design of the RC8 is another level above their other bikes at the momment. It has clean milspec feel about it and looks like it take anything you can dish out. So yeah the bike looks tough rather than pretty.

    Take a closer look at one to see what I am on about.

    Both the RC8 and 1098 are highly desirable bikes. As for how they ride - I wish I had a way to find out. There's no doubt we are paying a premium (I can't afford) for being at the far ends of the earth.
  13. That was a bit un called for, your saying im a tosser, my brother is a tosser, and my mother as well just cause we spend money on cars!!!
  14. the KTM is more in line spec wise with the 1098S as it has uprated suspension and adjustable steering dampener. remember that KTM own WP and the suspension is custom built not off the rack. The KTM feels easier to ride first up and feels less manic than the 1098 but power delivery is a lot smoother. You sit deeper in the KTM and it is more adjustable in the seat and footpegs. The 1098 has a nicer throttle and gear change and the rear brakes don't howl like a Banshee. The Ktm gets away better as it is not happy to wheelie were the 1098 has an aversion to using both tyres at the same time. As for either being to expensive that is relative. Some people cant see the value in either of these over the japanese some can, both price points are right for the right people so to say that one is to expensive and one is cheap is stupid. KTM does offer more exclusivity than the Ducati by virtue of its smaller production and if they do well in superbikes next year then they will get some well needed exposure as a road bike.
  15. These bikes may cost more to start with, but they also hold there value a lot better than most Japanese bikes. It may end up costing you less in the long term. I've often sold Ducati's for about the same as I bought them. Cant say the same for my Japanese bikes?
  16. That's a fair call. :) Not poo-pooing them (and they wouldn't be exotica if they were literally a dime a dozen), was just pondering out loud. :)
  17. If sales of the RC8 are low (as I think they might be?) then we'll see what KTM do with the pricing next year. They really dropped the price of the 05/06/07 SD's to make way for the 08 model.

    The other thing is the price of an Akro pipe......apparently $6000 + :shock:

    Having said all that, I sat on one again yesterday and couldn't help drooling a little, even felt a sense of inevitabilty about owning one. I won't take one for a ride, that would just be stupid.
  18. So I took one for a ride last week. But only for a street ride, I wish I was able to do a long twisty trip or track it, but I reckon that’d require me to buy it.

    As someone mentioned, KTM don’t do things in half measures. The bike inspires confidence immediately. Power is very smooth, consistent and deceptive, the thing is very fast without having to rev the guts out of it – of course that’s what you’d expect from a big twin but I was still surprised. And wheelie fans will love it.

    Stability through cornering is better than anything I’ve personally been on and notably felt better than a 1098 and GSXR1000 I’d also recently test ridden…….for the road use that I gave them (as you may have guessed, I’m looking to change bikes). Suspension has a “racing†feel from out of the box, tip it into a corner and it holds a very solid line. Perhaps the 1098s may match it but I haven’t ridden one. The firmness of the suspension was reassuring rather than uncomfortable and I’d say that a few hundred km’s a day would not be a problem.

    Sitting position also felt less aggressive than other sports bikes.

    The bike sounds ok with stock pipes, but you get the feeling that is begging for the Akropovics to give it the finishing touch. Performance would inevitably also improve with the pipes, not that it needs it (then again, who complains about having more power?).

    For those that haven’t seen it in the flesh, it’s pretty distinctive in appearance. If you want to stand out in a crowd then this is the bike to do it on. The orange looks terrific and has a fleck through it that doesn’t get captured in photos. Sharp edges everywhere, it looks magic to me.

    So it looks great, feels unbelievably good and sounds like a huge V-twin. But the price is high. Owning this sort of bike means ignoring the price tag but I think that’s easier to say than do.

    There’s not much meat to this review and a lot of impression but as I said, it was only a street ride.
  19. ...

    Lol, yeah i love the look of them, if they were 4k cheaper they would be selling their ass off, i think KTM just over shot by putting it in the same price range as the Duke
  20. I have to admit, KTM make very ugly bikes (and recently... car).

    Don't like the look of the RC8 at all. And it seems VERY expensive for a 150hp Vtwin.

    Having said that, I'm certainly not in the target market.