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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pro-pilot, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. This baby looks the business.

    Due in Aus. April. Not sure yet on pricing.



  2. How was that a bike review, thought or suggestion?

    Anybody who can read and/or use a computer already know KTM have made a superbike. You're not about to rock the motorcycling journalistic world with that post Captain Yesterday.

  3. I see the pillion pegs, but the seat???
  4. I like the look of this machine

    And AFAIK its a twin? what more could a bloke want?

  5. I like the more modern looks of this compared to the Ducati (1098). But Im not sure how the two will go head to head.
    Whilst the Duke is certianly the top end of quality, the price difference might position this in better favour.
  6. If only they made this in a 600cc guise, I'd be half interested.
  7. Was quoted $26990 plus ORC earlier today... Not sure how this compares to the Dukes?

  8. wow cant wait to see them on the road or track
  9. Ouch I cut my eyes, how sharp is that bike!

    I don't like it, it will date faster than platform soles :LOL: :LOL:
  10. well if you can afford that bike i think its a good excuse to get a new one each year if you are scared of it looking out of date. :wink:

  11. If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it...
  12. Deposit is going down dude.
  13. Look up the RC4. I do believe it is similar in styling, with the LC4 motor (640cc single) from their motard range.
  14. That's be a little less than a 1098 wouldn't it?
  15. The specs compare to 1098S
  16. In that case then, the KTM comes in cheaper by $4,500 :p
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    commercial clip, taken from their website
    showing riding you can only advertise through a website

    really like this bike. i like it's little brother, but whoo! it looks mean
    apparently it even has an altitude sensor in the ECU to adjust the air-intake
  18. i like the white!!!

  19. Ugly as a hat full of arseholes!

    There was one at the Supers last weekend. I didn't like it at all. Be interesting to see how it actually goes though.