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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lee_rc8, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Hi there im new to this website and was just curious to see how many other people own a KTM rc8. Im 21 years old from Albury and havnt seen another KTM road bike out there apart from my fathers superduke.

    My bike is a bit different from others out there due to the fact i have the Akrapovic exhaust and headers, orange rim tape, and all the caps are now orange. as well as some dyno tuning as well as race mapping that now sees it roughly having 167 horsepower
  2. Not too many RC8s out there yet, only seen one on here (Transformer?). A few more of us Katie owners with LC8s though. Orange Rules!

    Welcome :)
  3. Welcome to the club mate :wink:
  4. welcome mate, more of the usual makes here, yamahas, hondas triumphs and spewzukies :grin: and the odd 1 here and there, hurry up and get to 6 posts and put up some pics of your bike and your dads
  5. I have one picture in the garage but my images wont show up even though I have enough posts
  6. I think that there were only a few dozen of the 08 RC8s brought here so there's not too many of us about.

    Welcome to the forum.

  7. your bikes not showing up under your name..

    heres your pic your trying to post

  8. I know opinions vary but I think they are a great looking bike, my only concern would be with re-sale values in a couple of years.
  9. I have to admit that there is something about this bike that I find so damn sexy it's not funny.

    Oh, and welcome.
  10. love the bike, only thing i dont like is the plastic tank and the price
  11. Re-sale value does not conern me as I dont think I would ever sell it. Maybe for a RC8 R though, But its a V-Twin so it sounds good without revving the crap out of it and even better if you do, more choices of upgrading and making the bike look different. and its more comfortable than a ducati, the spare parts are cheaper and I hate to say it but it gets compliments wherever I go. And I have put it against my mates Gixxer 1000 and sorry for you suzuki fans but he got creamed over the first 3 gear changes then slowly started to catch me. He beat me when it was stock as a rock but no way in hell now. And I also have the option of installing a race engine kit which will give it another 34 hp so is 201 hp enough.lol
  12. Love the RC8. KTM really do make very distinctive bikes.
  13. I really like the bike, never actually seen one before, love twins, so will have to give this a good look at. Welcome
  14. was that your KTM RC8 near wollombi that blew up today?
  15. doubt it mate, hes in Albury

  16. Doesn't "BammBamm" (or is it BamBam?) also have a KTM? :-k

    Welcome to the nuthouse, aka NR! :grin:
  17. He has a black SuperDuke