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KTM RC8/RC8R rollcall

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by heffa, May 30, 2012.

  1. Now I have my RC8R, I realise that I've not seen any other on the road. So I'm interested to see how many Netriders have them. I only know of 1 other local to Melbourne (Whitie)

  2. The price you pay for buying rare bikes. When I had my Enfield Military there were only...two? maybe in the state, maybe three. I think a total of about 10 for the country, last year at least
  3. You're right to say you never see them on the road.....

    I'm guessing the one on the Black Dog Ride was either your's or Whitey's......

    Great looking bikes......killer engine! Wooowza!

    What's it like (attempting not to derail here)
  4. You are right heffa there are not too many of us around. I know 2 guys in melb and a couple up here in sydney. Mines a 2009 R, which one did you get?
  5. I picked up a 2012 R, black. Just recently done the 1000km service, so she is still running in a bit.
    I put together a basic review here.
  6. They take about 5000k to loosen up properly. You will enjoy it.
  7. That figures. Even past the 1000km, the more I ride, the better it gets :)
  8. I have over 20000ks on mine. A couple of good mods are Sato spindle holder, HM quickshift and Oberon slave. The akra is a lot of money but worth it if you get a proper tune, for a proper tune you can tune your ecu. Far better results and you can unlock some of the hidden features. There are other exhaust options besides the Akra.
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  9. Cheers dude! I rekon the clutch slave and spindle holder would be good ideas, especially the clutch. It get s a little to heavy sometimes, mainly with feathering at low speeds. I rekon the Akra will be the best bet, and probably a few track specific mods with it. Too many nice toys in the KTM PowerParts list :)