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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MitchRohr, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. I'm so writing a letter to Santa for one of those :LOL:
  2. I understand your desire :grin:
  3. Okay, if that's the exhaust at the right hand side of the belly pan..... awesome! That thing will make one hell of a sound!

    ps. It looks like its been built with lego... awwwwwwessssummmmm!!!!
  4. I'm not a fan, looks like it was designed with a computer with an 80s graphics card. (I want my MTV...)

  5. I'm sure this bike was at the Melbourne Motorcycle Expo. Looked really nice and all...but for the price tag (I think it was about $30K or something). I would prefer to get something more exotic.

    phong =P~
  6. The one at the show is the std RC8 with the red bull livery.

    The difference between the RC8 orginal and R version is 121 kw instead of 112 kw (9 kw gain), 123 nm of torque up from 120nm and a weight drop of 10kg from 198 to 188 kg.

    Price tag I have been told is up from the 27k to about 31k.

    Hmm, thinking of this or the new 1198s

  7. KTM roadies are so kinda - pointy.
    Hope they sell, but as there isn't much kudos in the label it'll be hard to shift in Oz with that sorta price tag.

    I'ld go the standard one with a can next year at a 2nd hand tag of about $16k.
    I'll make up the difference to the "R" with my right wrist, I reckon.
  8. Can you get knobbies for it and take it down the Barry Way? ;)
  9. Good luck. The akra kit is 5k and second hand you'll still be looking around the 24k mark. Given there are very few of these around.
  10. Here's hoping - depriecation-wise - they're the bike equivelent of Alfa Romeos & that all the local exhaust manufacturers (ie: Madaz, Staintune) get on board with the rash of under-engine cans like these popping up on modern bikes nowadays .
  11. Think you are hoping mate. I have not seen a single second hand one for sale in Aus yet (had mine 6 months), except dealer demonstrators.