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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by BUNTA, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. My first time on here but i thought this would be the place to ask....
    anyhow.. i have just bought a KTM RC8 & want to put an aftermarket can on it & all i can find is the Akropovic system (which im sure is great). But you cant just buy the can & bolt it on ...you need there headers ..aprox $5000 all up.
    So is there anyone making a can that will bolt to the existing headers ??

  2. Welcome.

    I think you just became the resident RC8 guru - dont know of anyone else who has one on here.

    Keen to hear how you go - I think ive seen this question asked elsewhere but no answer provided.

    Custom fit maybe.

    Let us know how the RC goes.

  3. Welcome to NR :grin:

    Yeah I would be interested to hear what you think of the RC8 and how it compares to other bikes you've owned.

    I had heard that the only retail system available so far is the Akro, dunno if this is still the case. The custom option would probably end up coming out much cheaper anyway :?:
  4. Ask these guys. Specifically, LC8/RC8 forum (it's US based and you'll need to register).
  5. Well this is my 6th road bike though the only one that iv owned that compared was a 98 R1 ...& this is my first fuel injected bike.
    I have not put many kms on it yet but the first thing i noticed was how snatchy the throttle is....its taking some getting used to especially through roundabouts..dragging the back brake helps & stay on the throttle.
    There is plenty of power on tap & at the moment i am not supposed to run it past 6000 rpm for the first 500kms then 7000rpm for the next 500kms but your only doing about 3500rpm's in 6th while sitting on 100kms hr.
    Does anyone know of any custom header & can fabricators in NSW ?
  6. The akcra is the only can available from retailers here in Aus.
    There are a few Euro exotica manufactures that make some, but are butt ugly.

    Other than that the full race system adds about 10% when you remove the wiring restrictors. :wink:
  7. Good site, but too much bagging about the initial release models which were mainly sent to the UK (as they wanted an early market push).

    Thankfully the Aus contingent of bikes is was their third run and ironed out many of the inital bug bears.
  8. This common on big V-Twins. You will need to get used to feathering the clutch a lot whie cruising at road speeds below 80 kph.
  9. thought I'd resurrect this thread....
    my mate bought the first RC8R in aus (from terry at werribee KTM)
    and he had it delivered with the akro evo system.
    The akro is very very light and its very very LOUD without the restrictor.
    It is not too bad with the restrictor in.
    Its a definite mod to do but it is indeed pricey. Not many other options available unfortunately...
  10. For less than $5k, I would have thought a local mob (Madaz, etc) would have a crack at it.
    But is the engine chip/mod the thing with Akro? (Nobody else has the spec for a freer flowing exhaust system?)

    KTM have a hurdle with this aftermarket exhaust arrangment for the RC8. Not many Ducati/Aprillia/BMW/etc owners would consider going burnt orange if mods - like a simple can - is costly & complicated.
    It's not that KTM are price competitive with the bike's pruchase price....
  11. I dunno mate, these are the guys with money. Termi's aren't cheap, that's for certain.

    Like the others said, I'd be shocked if Foran, Madaz like Marx said didn't want a shot.