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KTM rc4 sportsbike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by loki, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. as someone who likes their bikes lean, lithe, and quirky, i'm eagerly anticipating the development of this new bike
    654cc single cylinder engine
    78hp, and 132kgs. that's some damn good maths, son.

    the only thing that could stop me buying into it is that from what i've heard, single cylinders usually require high maintenance
    (even the ones that aren't 125cc aprilias)

    for those that love the corners.
    and orange.
  2. Not the best photoshop ever.

    Note the LC4 donk.... and MX footpeg left there. :LOL: Lifted straight off the 690 Duke. I'd love to see a finished photo though.

    Maintenance WILL be high if they don't modify the RC4, but certainly not all singles are maintenance intensive.
  3. But they all sizzle like a sausage with vibration; not that there's anything wrong with that :p.
  4. [​IMG]

    And here's one hidden inside a mito..
  5. 132kgs and 80hp.. Yes please!
  6. i lurve the headlight of the rc4/rc8.
    though the tambourini-designed mito/916 is also pretty hott.
    but it's ktm, so it's supposed to be cool-scary austrian, not sexy italian.
    mito are, as well as their finally revamped mito125, rumoured to have a large 4S version out soon, powered by a *gasp* jap engine

    i mean, just look at these lamps
    you're not sure if it's going to light your path or tase you. hott damn.
  7. atta boy
    [black preacher voice] praise the lordahhh. who wants to be savedahhh [/black preacher voice]
    god-bless a good power-to-weight ratio. and lesbians.
  8. I read somewhere Cagiva were going to use the Hyosung 650 twin for the bigger mito.
  9. Is a 600cc 4 cyclinder always going to be heavier than a 600cc single? Hence why the bike is so light? Thats a bit unreal with 600cc supersports coming in at 160kg.
  10. Saw this in a mag recently. LOVE the look!
    I wonder what it would be like to ride a big single...
    Especially since it will be a sportsbike?
  11. I'm pretty excited about the RC4.
    From what I can gather the KTM Duke 690 (III) ( http://www.ktm690duke.com/ ) due out here (Aus) June-ish is running the engine in very similar spec to what this RC4 may well have, so I'll be itching to give that a test ride.

    All this talk about vibrating singles should only be looked at in context. I reckon this new KTM 690 engine is most likely the smoothest road going single ever made, what with the fly-by-wire, FI, anti-hop clutch & relitively high rpm range. All amounts to a different beast.

    Road going sporty singles are pretty thin on the ground, but they to provide an eclectic option to the motorcycle experience. Some have been grenaides & most are slow, but this might be the first in a new segent of sports bikes that wont instantly frighten or lose your licence.
    I not expecting it to be faster , even in the real world, than the current batch of 600 supersports, but there might be more fun to be had.

    Besides the RC8 coming in August 08 might be retailing in the Ducati 1098 range. But at least you'll be respected as you would be seen to be buying into an expereince instead of a badge. (this coming from a previous Duc owner ??)
  12. Nope. They're entirely different motors, apart from both being singles, and KTM.
  13. Sounds like you've got the inside poop on this one then devotard.
    All the 690s released so far from the Enduro to the Duke are surprisingly similar apart from intake/exhaust configurations & associated cam timing & ignition systems (which is something a small tuning house can hash up in a week).
    As the 'RC4' is following so close on the heels of the release of the other 690s, even though a sports bike is quite a different animal to a Dual purpose, motard or flatbar street bike, I would imagine the engine will have the same bore/stroke, imploy the same fuel & ignition/managment system to the current 690.
    The engine may be 'tuned' for a sportsbike (higher rev ceiling, less engine brake), but the major components will be interchangable with the other 690s.

    No worries though, we'll all get to see soon enough.
  14. No inside scoop here mate.

    The bike is called the RC4, and from everything that I have read, it will be using..... a derivative of KTM's current RC4 motor. :wink: The RC4, RC8, LC4 and LC8 are motors that KTM make, their sportsbikes are just running with the names.

    The current line-up of Dukes, SMR's, SMC's, and Stunt690's all use a derivative of the LC4.

    The RC4 is currently used in the SX models @ 450 and 505cc, and is unique even from the barely softer enduro bikes let alone the LC4. DOHC, over square, and about 60hp from the 450.

    The old SX motors are easily taken out extra cc's with factory ktm parts. The 450, 525, 560, 580 and one 600+cc monster are all the same motor, albeit only used in supermoto and sidecar racing mainly. This is what I think they'll be doing with the RC4, plus almost certainly adding some extra oil capacity, throwing away the swiss cheese titanium valves, and generally adding some sustained revs reliability to it.
  15. Oh. I see where the misunderstanding is.
    I was referring to 'RC4' as the 'bike' , not the engine.

    Unlikely the SX engine (even if modded to the moon & back) would be used for their thumper sportsbike, far easier to tweak the 690.

    That test mule pic with the Mito fairing had the 690 donk in it.
  16. Time will tell I guess.
  17. I hope you're kidding!!

    Made my downpayment last week, the Duke is supposed to be in my shed by beginning of april.

    Long enough, though.

  18. I find that Duke to be very sexual.

    Congrats on the purchase!
  19. the rc4 looks amazing :shock: does anyone know if this is just a photoshop and im getting my hopes up or is this the real deal, plus anyone know any release dates for it.
    Ive heard some good reviews already for the rc8 so this has some great potential!