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KTM RC390 new LAMS sportsbike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by JimmyD, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. 2014-KTM-RC390-01. [​IMG]

    more attractive option than a cbr250r or mini ninja. hopefully the performance is okay, but will it have to be restricted for LAMS?

  2. "Built off of the KTM 390 Duke street bike"

    390 Duke is not restricted and LAMS approved. This should be too. Looks good, hope it is released in Australia.
  3. Looks very nice.

    In Vic, for LAMS purposes it will have a power to weight ratio of 135kw/tonne & it is obviously under 660cc.

    Good to go.
  4. ktm should make more sportbikes! and two stroke sportbikes too.

    they are awesome

    ktm have really made an effort in moto3 and are whooping honda's arse
    so their bike is the one to get.
    beats a cbr250!
  5. Looks cool, way better than the duke eyesore
  6. Have a look at the headlights, you might want to reconsider your statement,
  7. Looks nice but close examination of the photos in the linked article reveals a number of cost cutting measures, understandable I guess given it's intended market but it would have been more impressive if they'd built a limited edition road going moto 3 replica with high end components.
  8. What sort of market would a LE version of a moto3 bike even have? As a loss leading marketing initiative sure but it's too small to appeal in the US and Europe is more into naked/adv bikes.

    And it would still be made in India....
  9. You sure about that power figure. Unless Vic measure at the wheel. The figure should be 150kw/tonne otherwise those from interstate riding into Vic on their lams bikes are doing it illegally

    It's also not possible for the bike to weigh just 147kg without fuel as that would make the bike around 208kw/tonne, and not much less with fuel added
  10. You need to add average rider weight to the sums ;)
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    It would sell the same way that the Aprillia RS250R 2 stroke used to, in small numbers to people who used them either for production racing or to a selected number of informed buyers who wanted a light bike with top end handling.

    A small light bike with extraordinary handling has an appeal all of it's own and doesn't need justifying :p
  12. Which is exactly what I am looking.

    Or better yet do the same with the 690 engine. More powerful than 390 with just a bit more weight, and not as heavy as a street triple.
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  13. In fact it would probably generate new single make championships with close racing all over the world.

    A small light bike with extraordinary handling has an appeal all of it's own and doesn't need justifying

    It may well result in a new single class anyway but I totally agree with your third point. I suppose all I was saying is the accountants would never see that as justified except for marketing and with the hype they are getting KTM probably doesn't need one offs yet.
  14. that is cool.

  15. What?
  16. For clarification rather than speculation...


    5. How is the power-to-weight ratio calculated?
    There is no need for motorcycle riders to do any calculations. Motorcycles that novice riders will be permitted to ride under the LAMS will be those included on the approved list. The manufacturer determines the engine power and tare weight of the motorcycle. VicRoads has compiled the LAMS list of suitable motorcycles using this information.

    The power-to-weight ratio calculation involves the power output (kilowatts) being divided by the tare weight of the motorcycle plus 90 kg (for rider and safety gear).
    The result is then multiplied by 1000 (to convert to kW per tonne).
  17. So it is 150kw/tonne. Thought it was. MV stated 135kw/tonne
  18. I stated the bike comes in at 135kw/tonne.
  19. Depends if they work it out wet weight or dry
  20. True, the actual figure may vary slightly, but the fuel load won't account for much.

    Based on the supplied figures, which I expect Vicroads will take as face value, it will 135kw/tonne.