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KTM RC390 Mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Spart106, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Hey Forum,
    So a week into ownership I loveee her!

    I want to do a few mods to her. Standard things I saw are exhaust, air filter and powercommander, but I don't want to do those as I cant justify costs and I like the look of the hidden stock exhaust. Also I would rather put the money into things like CSBS.

    So mods I thought of so far: -
    Front/Rear crash Axle Bobbins/Sliders
    Bubble racing windshield

    I would consider just a powercommander but will that do anything?
    I would also consider getting the shocks properly set up..

    Any other things I do can?
  2. (Just did a track day on the Duke today - what a blast!!!!! )

    I think the best you can do (bang for buck) is to get some better clutch and brake levers that are adjustable. Also a pair of lever protectors


    And of course some crash bobbins

    The shocks are pretty basic but some improvement can be done by going to a suspension specialist - either upgrade the std rear shock, upgrade the fork oil in the front - all depends on your weight though.

    I do not think a powercommander is worth it in the end. Voids your warranty with not that much to gain.
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  3. Good tyres and practice riding it well.
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  4. Thank you! I will do that.

    Also maybe a KTM tail bag :)
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  5. Personally I like the KTM tank bag, no need to look behind to make sure it's still there :)
  6. I forgot the MOST important bit. As ValvolineValvoline will agree - the Powerparts gel seat is a MUST MUST MUST buy.

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  7. More KTM bling

  8. I'd put the money into getting the suspension set up as it's way to soft and possibly some braided brake lines.
  9. Six track days later on the Duke 390 and i can confidently say that , although not superb, the standard brakes and standard brake lines do more than enough in the braking department.

    All this on stock suspension. Only rear static sag / preload set.
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  10. After October I'll be able to compare the brakes / lines too GeorgeOGeorgeO :)

    Gel seat = yes baby YES!! Your butt (& other bits) will thank you for it.

    Oggy knobs abs heated hand grips for down south weather.
  11. Thanks!

    I actually like the hard seat....

    Would it be worth changing sprockets for more lower end power?

    I do want those KTM adjustable levers, I may get them installed at the 1k service.
  12. Wait until you change the rear shock to something decent, you'll be amazed at how much better it handles at a hefty pace.
  13. What would you suggest?
  14. We took ours to Terry Hay at shock treatment and he worked his magic.

    Terry Hay has discovered the RC390 fork has a very similar internal damping system to KTM’s SX65 mini-motocross bike. This is great news for our long-termer ambitions, as Terry’s experience with tuning suspension for some of the fastest dirt squirts in the country will come in handy for revalving the RC390. With no external suspension adjustment on the KTM other than rear preload, getting the valving right will be critical to the project being a success, as any further adjustments will require complete disassembly of the rear shock, or at best a change of oil viscosity in the forks.

    Here's a bit of a write up to what we had done to improve its suspension and brakes AMCN Long-Termer KTM RC390 Gets Ready To Rumble - Australian Motorcycle News
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