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ktm LC4 640 SM any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. this bike is interesting to me. i've read a review in the May issue of "twowheels" and the reviewer had nothing but praise for the bike.

    was wondering if anybody has one or has test ridden one could you write your thoughts on this bike down? thanks.

    also i'm not sure if its learner legal cause i looked up the list of LAMS in NSW and it has:

    LC4 SERIES 300
    LC4 SERIES 400
    LC4 SERIES 500
    LC4 SERIES 540
    LC4 SERIES 550
    LC4 SERIES 600
    LC4 SERIES 625
    LC4 SERIES 650

    but no LC4 640......since the 650 is there i can's see why the 640 isn't....

    also lastly there's been alot of threads on 2 and 4 strokers.....i just want to know if there's any difference to longevity/performance/handling/etc of a single cylinder such as the one in this bike?
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  3. jmuzz..........i might look into it cause i've been reading good things about them........when i went for my pre-learner course about 1.5months ago, there was a guy there with a ktm. he was in the other group didn't get to talk to him. so it may be that model.

    hey if its not too much trouble you reckon you can review the bike for me? fun to ride? agile? what you liked and didn't like? i'm very interested in this one and not many people around have ridden one.

    suitable for a learner? am i likely to get bored of it? cause it is quite expensive eh? considering a few $G more could get you a 600cc supersports

    great photos by the way!!! that's looking heaps cool!! :)
  4. I wasnt riding the bike, just with him. You can just see me in the background.
    So I dont know what its like to ride.
  5. The 640 is actually a 625cc...

    AWESOME bike.... VERY reliable and virtually bullet proof. Excellent buy and bike has alot of potential when you are ready for more horses..... Can tweak these up to 70bhp at the rear wheel with reliability.

    I know as I built one.... Had it for 6 months.... Was just too heavy for competative motard racing - for me anyway.......
  6. You're a bit big and woolly to fit on that bike, if that's you in the background, aren't you!!! :LOL:
  7. bwaaahahahahahahahaha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. gotta love the Big Merino in Goulburn, been there millions of times........
  9. honourable sir skuffy..... :)

    hey so you had a good time on it? its supermoto so its great on roads and on trails correct?

    so its something you won't get bored on?
  10. Incredible build quality (almost as good as the Honda :LOL: :roll: ).
    Since they are regarded as a high performance 4 stroke single, you will need to be changing the oil frequently.
    Great bike though. You can't go wrong.
  11. Brother IT IS THE BEST

    You will never get bored on it....Well, except on long freeway runs.....

    YOu can go street and dirt and when you master the style of riding, will carve up any street bike in the twisties.

    Very cheap to run and own and plenty of potential to REALLY REALLY hurt you.

    I am still pondering selling the GSX1400 and getting a 2005 model......
  12. Skuff in your opinion how does the KTM rate against the Honda XR650 when fitted with 17" wheels?
  13. WOWSERS!! that's quite a appraisal!!

    that's it i'm gonna definitely look into it tomoro since i'm not working......and guess what? only 500m from my place there's a KTM shop......dunno why i haven't looked at it before

    i like the look of sports bikes but i don't wanna and need the top end speed...that's why i want something more fun!

    with the plenty of potential to really hurt me line........is that because:
    a) its so fun i'm gonna do all sorts of stupid things on it?
    b) its difficult to control/its got uncontrollable bursts of power delivery?
  14. Hey Scooter... Also owned one of those that I also motarded. The honda, like the KTM, is bullter proof in the motor department.

    I preferred the Honda as I completely customised and rebuilt it from scratch... But, as a prebuilt factory bike, the KTM is more powerful and has better parts. It also has the best potential growth for less $$ spent.....

  15. Livingstone.

    To answer your question.

    Yes, it will make you do silly things and you will feel very "Hero" riding it.

    Yes, it is a very different riding style to completely extract all it's potential. But, you can most definately ride it like a sport bike.... Much later on the breaks.

    It is also difficult to get used to due to the height and the fact that it is not as stable on fast corners as a street bike. You need to be aware that it will dance a little more on fact corners. But, on twisty roads, the extra height means extra clearance and the suspension travel also helps to throw it left to right. It's like skiing... When going left and right, you "sping" into the turn... That is the best way to describe motard
  16. I have been seriously thinking about a CR500 as a track bike, just haven't quite gotten to the point of putting the money down.
  17. Hey you sound like Elmer Fudds sheep!
    "waskaly widers"
  18. Damn Scooter....

    Also had one of those, built a 500cc motor into a CR250 chassis, 70bhp at the rear wheel...

    AWESOME track bike...... Make sure you lower it though to minimise the fork twist.... Not great on the dirt unless you put in a 12oz fly wheel as it spins up quick. You have two versions of the CR500 you can build:
    - Nasty Boy - Pure 2 stroke power and narrow power band. Swesome on road circuit and great for spinning out of corners.
    - The Lioness - Tracktable POWER..... Also very good on road and much batter on dirt. All in the power valves, fly wheel weight and exhaust.......

    You will love it :D :D :D :D :D

    If you need any help with setup and riding the monster, gove me a holler
  19. Ouch stop it, my arm, my arm, your twisting it!