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KTM LC4 640 Motard?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by shady_knife, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. any problems with this bike?
    any years to avoid? (1998 - 2007)
    any other motards i'm better off going? 620cc and only 53bhp seems odd to... also seems heavy for a dirt/motard bike at 149kg? new to dirt bikes hence the (probably) stupid questions.


  2. Although I have never owned or even ridden one, I did so some research on motards when i bought my SXV.

    From what I read the KTM is a good road motard meaning its not so highly strung as the competition motards and so could be commuted on. The service intervals are not that bad. My SXV was 1500km oil and filter whereas the KTM is probably more like 5000km. its not as light or powerful of course.

    I didn't ride it because I wanted a focussed motard and was happy with the servicing.

    What are you looking at it for?
  3. they are a bike for hooning. all motards are. if you dont hoon, you wont see the point in one.

    they are a pretty big bike. hence the weight. but once you ride one you'll c that they actually are super easy to flick about. servicing as said is pretty reasonable too for a motard. they are a bit vibey though (but every single cylinder bike is)

    all single cylinder bikes dont make the horsepower of multi cylinder bikes as they dont rev nearly as hard. the 640 would probably only rev to 9,500 or so and even then it wouldnt have much power there. the torque is the difference here. or more to the point, where peak torque is in the rev range.

    other motards really depends on the three main motard questions that i have to ask.

    1. How much do you want to spend?
    2. what are you using it for?
    3. how good are your mechanic skills?

    edit - if you have the money find a used ktm 690 smc, they are pretty much the pick of 'street' motards.
  4. What JimmyD said, and:
    53 bhp out of a 640cc single cylinder road bike, stock, is actually pretty good, my DR650 only makes around 30-35 stock.
  5. around town hooning plus general twisty fun with the odd commute. price is definitely a consideration.... the 640's seem to be cheaper than the competition was just curious if there's a reason for it.

    chances are it'll never see the track (already got a track bike) and i don't plan on doing 100kmh + speeds really. so low down grunt is great.

    so yeah, mainly round town hooning... less service intervals the better though, i have some idea of what i'm doing but less often the better.
  6. another JimmyD gem
  7. I has an 01 LC4 Supermoto. For a road Motard you cant fault it, it is a big bike but most 650's are. low service intervals, heaps of grunt and just soo easy to loft the front or back wheel up. Perfect hoon bike or twistie bike.

    they do vibrate A LOT. when mine is warming up it will generally vibrate a few inches. I honostly dont mind the vibes at all but i have owned a few big singles so prob used to it.

    Also another positive is they come with the quality gear like brembo's WP's and braided lines etc.

    So yeah for road use ride it like you stole it and you wont be able to wipe the smile from your face.
  8. +1 to all above advice.
    Also be on the look out for Husky's Sm610 / Sm630, They are great single cylinder motards with similar characteristics to the KTM-With high end components and well founded reliability. Both share similar service intervals.
    On a side note, keep your eyes open for converted Xr600L/Xr600r/Xr650r/Dr650 bikes on ebay and the used market. Some of these bikes wont have your brembo brakes and ohlins suspension but will have the oversized 320mm disc and can be had on the cheap.

    Good Hunting