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KTM Factory Stunt Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by N*A*M, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Recently shown in Paris...

    Not ideal in some way, but it's awesome to see a purpose built machine from a major manufacturer.

  2. That's pretty ridiculously cool.
  3. Good to see some factory support for the sport...

    What do you reckon it's lacking Nam? Apart from massif sprocket?

    I might write this up for the magz.
  4. Looks pretty schmick, might even be able to make me look good...
  5. there are a lot of pictures flying around the web at the moment that shows things from other angles and in more detail.

    downsides imo...

    1. single sided swing arm - limited to how big the sprocket can go. may be internally geared. ideally, should be geared like a trials bike. first 3 gears are short and very closely spaced. the higher gears are much taller and allow for good top speed.
    2. thumb operated hand brake - not as good as a radial finger brake.
    3. hydraulic clutch - not as reliable as a cable clutch. more lever choices available with a cable clutch too.
    4. shape of tank - tank is too short (too close to handlebars), looks difficult to get a good dent shape. tank cover is plastic - there may not even be a metal tank underneath.
    5. no rear peg on the left hand side for staggered wheelies - seems to have a place to bolt it to though.

    1. frame looks stout with neat cage. engine looks well protected.
    2. looks awesome from the half front guard all the way to the short and narrow 1 o'clock bar - i love it aesthetically in every way.
    3. radial front brake with upside down forks - should be great for stoppies.
    4. it's factory and it's awesome! ktm have obviously done their research or consulted some stunt riders.

    it's a massive leap in the right direction. hopefully other companies follow. ktm, bmw and kawasaki already have sponsored riders in europe. this is only going to help the sport further.
  6. Cheerz d00d I'll quote you.
  7. can you use your persuasiveness to get me a test ride? :LOL:

    i have my f4i 12 bar pics for you too.
  8. Cool as fcuk. :cool:

    Non-factory one, but a nice shot.

  9. Oops, my bad. The OP is an LC4 based beast, not an LC8. The superduke look threw me off.
  10. There definately isn't a tank under the cover at the front, it's under the seat. Either that, or it's the biggest coolant tank I've ever seen on a bike.

    I don't care that's a but suss for stunting, put a headlight on it (and maybe a full front guard) and I'd hit it like the hand of an angry god.
  11. Mate if it comes to Oz, let me know, I'd love to.
  12. that would be the airbox under the seat. the air intakes are rearward facing near where the 12 bar mounts. i never said it was suss for stunting. it would be the best out of the box stunt bike there is!

    more photos:
  13. Either way, that's some seriously cool looking shit. And bodes well for the future. Wonder what Pfieffer's next bike is gunna be?

  14. Would it be bad form to ride a bike like that when you can't even mono? Coz that's a seriously wicked looking bike.
  15. :WStupid:

    Looks like it would be awesome on a tight road.
  16. I like the 69 :wink:
  17. Yes. :LOL:

    With no intention to stunt I'd feel like a real numpty buying one of those.

    How about the upcoming duke with the same LC4 powerplant?

    Or you could just get the Superduke which looks bloody horn already.
  18. That's 690.
  19. I just hope they actually bring the new Duke to Australia. I'd love one as my next bike.
  20. The new SMC actually looks good too, as opposed to that beaked monstrosity of a 690 that we've got at the moment. SMR is pretty ugly still.