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KTM Dukes - The Boss Got The Bug

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. {waves at all the Netrider denizens - not been around much lately, just 'cos busy and little news}

    So, the Mrs got a voucher on LivingSocial for 90 min of one-on-one motorcycle instruction, bike provided, with Top Rider in Nerang. We went yesterday. Just to ensure a really authentic experience, it thundered down, and she came back soaked to the skin.

    Wasn't sure what her reaction would be, but she was grinning, had done really well (first time ever on a bike and had been changing gears and all within the first session, cornering relatively slowly and so on) and was super keen to get a bike and get going.

    She was on a CBR125 for the ride - dude pillioned her out to the track on it, which surprised me - but it would make more sense for her first bike to be something that can handle freeway speeds, since going almost anywhere from the Gold Coast involves some M1 time.

    Dude also mentioned the KTM Duke 390 to her: and it's a damn nice bike, and I'd love to be able to buy her on. As those who know me know, I've lusted over it's big brother the SuperDuke enough...

    But it's 8 grand new and about 6 second hand, which is a bit beyond the current budget.

    The Duke 200 is also nice - basically the same frame with the smaller engine, and built in the same place (India) and is more affordable at a couple of grand cheaper. Probably work for a little less long, but modern looking and working.

    More realistically, given that the budget will be in the $3-4k range, are either the VTR 250 or the GS 500. I think the former is a much better bike...

    I'm in the process of reading the reviews for the Dukes here and around the web, but I think the plan is probably to pick up a VTR or something similar for a first bike, then she can move up as both her skills and the budget pick up.

    She's shortish (about 5'2"), and wants the seating position of a naked bike rather than either the racing crouch or the cruiser slouch.

    Any other ideas and suggestions very welcome.
  2. Hmm, having said that, cheapest VTR in QLD on Bikesales is 3 grand and is a 2003 model, cheapest Duke 200 is only 4 grand and is a 2013 with 1600 km on it. When it's put that way...
  3. Sounds like the Duke 200 might be the way to go based on age, kms etc

    As always, after the $$ issue is out of the way it would be what your Mrs feels most comfortable sitting on / riding.. Her wants tend to lean to the Duke.
  4. Check how she sits on anything before thinking about buying. My wife is short too, and battles with most bikes as can't get her feet down. Even the ninja 300 with low seat height of 785mm is almost tiptoe. Bikesales shows seat height in "features" so maybe start there?

    Of course bikes can be lowered, but that costs more and I was also told (maybe someone with more expertise can confirm or not) that lowering can effect the bikes handling somewhat.
  5. Yeah, get her to sit on both: sear height is likely to be the most important factor..
  6. I am spherical (ie short and rotund) and no way I was doing the tippy toe routine, so I had my ninj lowered, risers on the bars and the suspension altered as well...
    only down side (ha ha ha) is the kick stand also had to be repositioned so I have to be ever vigilant when I park because Wasbai turns into an Eileen and down she goes like a sack of shit...
    I also have to be careful manouevering on a camber as well...as I found out in front of a squillion other bikers at Bald Hill about a month back when I dropped my bike by overbalancing on the steep right hand camber in the carpark...cue applause (not)!
    Died of embarassment...not a good look...
  7. LOL - lesson 1 : never lean or try put foot down on the downhill side!
  8. Yeah, once we actually have some cash we'll definitely be asking to sit on and check out bikes. I believe the Dukes might be 810 mm high seats, which is nearly as tall as my Bandit. VTR is 760 which might be a lot more manageable.
  9. CB300F shouild be worth a look if the right deal can be had.
  10. Buy the 390 - I know you want to....,..
  11. There is a vtr250 at a dealer in Brisbane, Teammoto in Bowen Hills, doesn't have books, but low kms, 13,000 or so, 2008 model. Has oggy knobs, previous owner was female and had the bike lowered a bit. It's up for $5,000 at the moment. I'm no expert but I did ride it and didn't see anything wrong with it other than not having books, which put me off. Might be worth having a look if height could be an issue.
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  13. There's one in netriders for sale for $3,300 2013.
  14. That's the one I posted above your post.
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  15. So, after all that, we decided to jump sooner and get a CB125E, which we could afford now rather than in a year, so she can learn and get her full licence... then we'll have the full range to pick from for her 'proper bike', not just the LAMS ones. Rode it back from Brisbane to the Gold Coast at 80 - maybe 90 down a hill with a tail wind - but she's riding, and loving it.
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