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KTM Duke 690R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sbb, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Hi all.

    Thinking of a change of bike. Got a DRZ 400 SM and Thinking of changing to the big ktm. Anyone got any experience with them?

    Love the DRZ but thinking of a change and want to stay in the realms of motard-ish singles :)

    Also thinking of going the other way and building up a 250 yard. Hmmm

  2. Yeah I was thinking the same but it's $17,000

    That's a shed load of cash to be honest when you aren't really getting all that much bike in say comparison to a 1000cc
  3. have you thought about getting your hands on a low kay 690smr or something? or maybe an smc>?

    you could always throw the longer stroke crank in there to get the same grunt as the duke.
  4. The KTM is something like 25kg lighter than a 1000cc sportsbike and will show it up in the curves in real world conditions. So in a way it is a bargain.

    Having said that I would look at the new Husaberg FS570 if I was buying new it is less than 120kg wet that's going to be fun.
  5. Oh dear. Dollars and spec sheets are not the reason I buy bikes. They may hold some relevance but are certainly not the deciding factor. Each to their own.
  6. Agreed. I am for a bike that suits me. The price is a tad annoying tho.

    Would really like a more motard style bike, but I want some decent distance out of a tank :)

    Hmmm, too many ideas an permutations to think through :)

    But I have to say, for me, doing the ride from syd to Philip island and back on the drz was fun and perfect. Even if everyone else thought I was mad :). So maybe I should just go with fun over all other considerations :)

  7. hey sbb, was your drz black and had a fuel can on the back?
  8. Yes! Where did you spot me?

    The Gerry can was a result of, what became known as, 'the fuel incident' due to a certain small town having their servo close down without me knowing :) which then grew into electrical problems on another bike at the same time. But was all fun in a twisted way :)

    when first added to the rack was hanging way over the back but when reshuffled stuff it got a bit tidier. It really did put the nail in the coffin of making the thing handle like a pig. But that is all part of the experience. :) but it did help in popping the front up down the back straight in the chaos at the end of the sheen ride.

    But came in handy when we stopped on the way back to help out a guy stranded having run out of petrol :)

    Was an absolutely awesome trip

    Cool bananas
    Sbb, who never spotted another motard on the way, funny that!
  9. i saw you when the barry sheene ride stopped at morwell, i think i may have spoken to you and commented on the sweet fuel tank :) and the crazyness of riding from syd.

    i was riding my wr450f that day. had race numbers on the side of it, and it was obviously motarded. there isn't many motards on the road anywhere is there. if i ever see one on the road i lose my shit completely. and if i'm on my tard i chase them down haha.

    have you looked at the ktm 690smc? they are a great street tard. my old man has one and its great. slipper clutch, good fuel tank and fuel range, plenty powerful enough (once you get rid of the stock muffler) and that front brake is amazing. for something thats a 'street' tard they still are quite good on the track
  10. hi,

    yep i remember that. was me you were speaking to.

    riding a motard here is funny .. they are rare-ish but instead of just getting a nod like you might get occasionally from another bike rider .. with a motard rider you get a BIG grin :)

  11. Dunno if stepping back in time a little is an option for you, but there is an 18 litre tank (holds more like 20) available for the older 625/640/660 LC4's. My 625 SXC will get a comfortable 300km range out of that. Some piss and moan about the vibes, but I think they make a brilliant street 'tard. And can be had for sensible $'s
    As for reliability, go and have a gander at the ADVrider forum. There's a couple on there being rebuilt at the moment with around 100K under their belts.
  12. I'd be more than willing to step up and offer you a ride of my XR600R, if you were able to come on down from Sydney. Not selling, but they're a bloody good ride. Around the same sort of weight as the DRZ, too. Both around 125kg dry right?

    Anywho, I've had mine for about 2000km now and its going really well - continually impressed with the torque and power on tap from virtually anywhere in the rev range. It'll push 160km/h with the right gearing, too, and you can flick it through the tight stuff with all the other guys on their specked up racers.

    Theres also the more modern Honda XR650R, which is liquid cooled but otherwise fairly similar. Puts out stupid power for such a light bike (140-ish kilos wet) and alsio has good aftermarket support, but I really do like my XR600R as its pretty easy to maintain, has good fun factor and also gets reasonably good fuel economy. Coupled with the 22L Acerbis tank on it it'll do over 400km.

    Having said all that... if you're in a position to get the 690R I'd go for it. Apparently they're a hell of a bike to ride, with wheelies, stoppies and hard cornering their speciality. AMCN described them as one of the most fun bikes out there, a pure grin machine.

    Cheers - boingk
  13. Hey sbb, don't forget about the new Husky 630SM (and the 610SM it replaces). Both would be a bit cheaper than a KTM 690.

    If fuel range is a concern, Safari Tanks have just finished a 25L tank that fits both 630 and 610 as well.
  14. the xr650r has one huge flaw though, ground clearance. they have negative clearance with dirt wheels on, let alone with 17's. power isnt really comparable between a 690smc and 650r with the smc walking away easily at a 60km roll on to max. but an xr650r will walk away from my wr450f from 60 kays. corner to corner the wr will eat it as the engine spins up quick.

    the 600's do handle alright as they carry the weight low so its easier to throw around.

    you can get an extra fuel tank for the 690smc/e, brings it up to 26L but looks real gay haha. seat on the 690smc isnt the greatest, even by motard standards.

    huskys are alright, but a bit heavier and not as equipped as katos.
  15. *****NEWSFLASH*****

    ktm can't sell any of their roadbikes and are now only trying to get what they can for them.

    a brand new 690 duke is $9,990 ride away. that is a ****load of bike for the money.

    slipper clutch
    4 piston radial brembo's
    marchesini wheels
    slipper clutch
    WP suspension
    13.5L tank


    what else would you get with a spec sheet like this for under 10k BRAND NEW
  16. Thats a lot of bike for $10K, it seems that it is only a store in Vic only too, there is one in NSW on bikesales for $16K.

    Tempting to sell my sxv for it.
  17. if you were keen i'd ring up ktm, as they are really struggling to get rid of their road stuff. its not the dealers that are putting the price down, its ktm aus.
  18. That is pretty amazing, if it's true.

    KTM do seem to have some odd pricing strategies. Brand new models are priced way high for those who can afford it and just can't wait. But remaindered stock seems to drop to something much more reasonable after a year or two.

    Guess it makes some kind of sense but they must be burning money on finance in the meanwhile. I just hope they can keep it up.
  19. That's a bloody steal.

    Edit: God damn it, why do I have to still be on restrictions until next September. Sticking one in the garage for 10 months is actually kind of tempting at that price...
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