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KTM Duke 690

Discussion in 'Naked' started by ron076nie, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. My first bike was a thumper and I loved its character. Now I'm thinking about getting a KTM Duke 690. Any owners out there who care to share their opinion and comparison to the R version?

  2. Hi Ron.

    I've owned a Duke 690 since the end of November. I couldn't justify the extra cost of the R version (if you can even find one), but it's possible to upgrade over time if you feel you need to. The basic version ticks all the boxes for me - it's super light, powered by lions and the most nimble bike I've ever ridden.

    It's not for everyone though, sportsbike riders might find it a bit lumpy and to be honest it's not the smoothest commuter. However, it IS the ultimate thumper, and for anyone who appreciates what that means they won't be disappointed.

    Feel free to ask any questions...
  3. i rode one the other day, its a really fun bike! everything works exactly as you would expect, although i feel the cam/airbox/exhaust from the 690 duke track would really wake it up.

    i know that the cam and airbox on the 690 smc (with the 654cc engine) makes a massive gain. like power wheelies in the next gear gain.

    ABS seems to work if you're into those kind of things. i found it frustrating when sliding as both front and rear would be buzzing away, so that was disabled.

    chassis feels nice and short, quick steering. loves a wheelie.
  4. I'd recommend any new owner to get hold of 'Kev's 02 mod' - this plug 'n' play widget prevents the low-speed stuttering and for about $100 means the bike becomes usable under 3k rpm (assuming you're forced to ride that slowly of course, which isn't what this machine's made for).

    I'm looking at the cam and airbox later this year but the only performance change I've made so far is an IXIL slip-on can which allows slightly better flow but a better exhaust note. Even stock it's a pretty poky beast.
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  5. Ok bringing this thread from the dead. Am looking to upgrade to the 690 duke by the end of the year. Love my 390 but need those extra ccs for further travelling. The weight of the dukes are also a plus factor as well as abs (sshhhush you abs haters) and the height. Any one out there with more input regarding these bikes? Cheers
  6. I've ordered Kev's O2 mod, should receive it in a few days, this is meant to help with smoothing out the low range.
    I've also switched to standard throttle mapping which makes the bike less jerky than the advanced setting.

    I hate the height of the duke, and its upright stand but you get used to it. I've got KTM heated grips installed and they are brilliant in this shitty weather.
  7. Hi
    This thread is a bit old, if you are looking at upgrading to the 690 for traveling it may not be the best option. I love the 690 on tight mountain roads and circuits but to ride it for more than 100 k's is not a lot of fun. Its great on fuel but the vibration through the bars on a long journey is overwhelming. I have added heavier bar weights and sponge rubber hand grips which have helped. The 690 is light and manageable around town and the engine has bulk grunt in the low to mid range and will feel like a missile after being on the 390. Take one or two for some long test rides at least 30 minutes if possible before you spend your $$$$.
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  8. I agree the standard mapping is best on mine and I have the full akro race system and cup kit cam and air box. If you like the bike a KTM dealer or suspension tuner can lower it at a reasonable cost. This mod can also be reversed when it comes time to sell. I have heated grips on my MTS1200 and have had them on previous bikes. Mates say woose,
    They are the best extra if you want to ride all year. My mates only ride in fair weather.
  9. I was fortunate that the airbox and full exhaust system was already fitted by the previous owner, I had the cam and new fuel map fitted for under $600.00
    Big improvement over stock without turning it into a pig to ride. You have to pay attention when you nail it in 1st gear. If it wasn't for the rev limiter cutting in I would have looped it on the first ride after the mod. Unfortunately you do get used of the knew grunt very quickly. This is not the fastest or most powerful bike I have owned but it is a lot of fun.
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    Bumping this thread.
    I ended up getting the rally cam but went with DNA S1 and S2 airfilters instead of the KTM Airbox.
    I ordered the parts from the US and used a forwarding service to cut down on costs significantly.

    I got the dealer to remap the bike while getting a decat installed, the bike sounds amazing now, sounds like a sewing machine stock.

    I'm still using Kev's O2 mod and I also switched to 15/42 instead of the stock 16/40.
    Changing your sprockets is a necessity imo as the bike is geared too high stock.
    These 2 mods smooth out the lower range significantly.

    I've also stopped using the "performance" throttle map switching to standard makes the throttle response a lot less twitchy, I've been recommended by a few other duke owners to try using the rain mode instead as it only changes the throttle action.

    Here's how my bike looks now

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  12. Looks good.
    I can see you have some pannier wracks and bark busters fitted. If you are going to do long trips you can fit the aftermarket bar end weights to the barkbusters. They bolt straight on and eliminate a lot of vibration. I have them and they have made a big difference. You can see them fitted hear on the end of the bar, they intergrate with the guard. 32IMG_0551.JPG
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    Do you have a link to which brand or a close up pic?
    I wasn't sure they could integrate well with the KTM barkbusters.
    edit: so I zoomed in and they look like the barkbuster branded bar weights, which makes sense lol

    Also is that the race kit belly pan and how hard was it to paint the rear subframe, I want to paint mine but haven't tried removing everything yet.
  14. Hi Weety
    Yes they are bark busters not ktm dont know if there is any difference.
    The sub frame is that colour from 2013 models. I havent had to remove the sub frame so dont know whats involved.
    Yes it is the race kit belly pan. She has that the kit air box, full race akro exhaust, cam and fuel map to suit. Gained around 10% output.
    Also has a quick shift kit but it just failed on the last track day so I have to strip the bike to look for a wiring fault. Hope its not the switch (expensive)
  15. Hey guys I know this is a few months on the mothball front but I am seriously tempted. I have been considering a motard for a while and the 690 duke looks the goods. Having been through a number of bikes (currently an FZR250) looking for something to smash around the melbourne suburbs with a bit more grunt (and not having to wring the neck of it constantly). Haven't really been big into touring, I hear these bikes vibrate a lot.

    Interested in any thoughts. I used to own a Z750 which was fun but I'm looking for something more nimble for traffic etc.
  16. I went from a gsxr750 to this and its brilliant, I've done a lot of mods to it though you do need a few to bring the bike to life, which I've detailed above.
    The bike does have issues with vibrations for longer rides, but nothing to worry about for commutes.