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KTM Duke 690?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jem, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Saw one of these today while I was looking at MVs any one know anything about them?


    Price was from memory under $12,000 looked interesting to say the least.

    Here is the Visor down review -



    Cheers Jeremy

    PS yes I know I still have 363 days to go but it never hurts to plan :)
  2. Yeah good bike, someone on here just bought one but I can't find the thread.
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  4. Note, there's a big difference between this years model and last years ... they've down specced it a bit for price. There's a good review in road rider mag I believe.
  5. I just test rode one the other day. Coming from my Superduke R, i missed the power, but it was still a very fun bike to ride. Insanely fast through the tight stuff, and if you pick the right gear, it just pulls cleanly from corner to corner.

    If I had to buy a new bike today, it would be high up the list.

    One thing I noticed is the power did not taper off at all in the upper RPMs, so I found myself hitting the limiter a bit too often. Something you would get used to I am sure.
  6. Having ridden this thing for about 6 weeks now I have to say that it continues to go from strength to strength. Fuel economy is around 4.5l/100km so far and is getting more economical with each fill up. Even in the wet the tyres stick like shit on a shoe and the brakes continue to blow me away (or pull me up as the case usually is...)

    I don't know if it is the dealer or KTM that is responsible but I am still waiting for some accessories to come in for it.

    The only quibble I have is that it doesn't do low speed well as the engine is sluggish below about 3400rpm but that is the nature of the beast.

    In terms of size I am 6'4" and am very comfortable and don't feel cramped. My mate who is about 5'9" doesn't want to take it for a spin because it is "too tall" so it would be good if you are just under to well over 6'.
    Any questions you want answered just fire away or PM me