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KTM Duke 390

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  1. Valvoline submitted a new Showcase Item:

    KTM Duke 390

    Read more about this showcase item here...

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  2. Lovely specimen of the breed you have there ValvolineValvoline .

    I did much the same mods as you - powerparts seat, crash bars, 'touring' windshield, barkbusters. Got the ktm top box as well. Around 16k on her at the moment.
    Having upgraded now I realise how 'learner friendly' the throttle is - need to look into a throttle turn mod soon or it will drive me nuts.

    Here's a picture of the KTM in the wild in 'full flight' - Eastern Creek turn 2

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  3. Wow!!
    You can race that lawnmower!!???
    Looks spiffy!

    Thanks for sharing!
  4. Great write-up of your bike, ValvolineValvoline! Very enjoyable to read, thanks for posting. Are you still planning your big tour?
  5. Wow 311kms??? Most I got out of mine was 250-60....I had the ergo seat, barkbusters, heated grips (need them where I live), crash bars, nobs, aluminium chain guard, tail tidy. Was a great learners bike...did over 13000kms on it! Now I have an adult"bike...just gotta get the heated grips for it...SOON...
    Great write up ..
  6. I depart early Saturday morning !!o_O Pre-adventure Jitters are starting to set in :wacky: I've posted the suggested itinerary on the Forum Announcements

    [Mar 19, 2016] Gold Coast -> NSW -> ACT -> VIC Ride (March 2016) (Qld)

    Next I'll work on the Tassie leg of the trip to see who's keep to come freeze their knakers off with me lol!
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  7. Is this you GeorgeOGeorgeO today in your birthday suit?? Lol celebrating a bit too much?

    Hope you're being safe when you ride!!
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  8. ARRRRRGHHHHHH !!!!!!!!! :inpain: stabbing chopsticks in my eyes
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  9. Andrew WestAndrew West ... Give the guy some credit... I wouldn't be game to ride without safety gear. Gravel rash just isn't on my bucket list. He's got guts! :p
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  10. I just don't want to go there.
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    one cheek on the seat... brrrrrrrr just got a cold shiver

    edit: sp.
  12. No.


    NO NO.

    wrong on so many levels.
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  13. :p
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    Hey nice review!

    I've put down a deposit for a 16' Duke and I'm picking it up this week. Apparently the heat issues have been some what mitigated by re-directing where the heat flow goes out. Do you have a 2016 model bike, because if you do and you still feel your legs being cooked then they didn't change much in the end. I'll officially soon be apart of the Duke club and have a few questions. Since I've committed to it (for the following 3 years at least), I want to get as much as I can out of it.

    I live in rural Vic. It can get upwards of 40+ degrees in the summer here and wondered how you think it will fare in such cooking temperatures? On the opposite, the winters can be very cold, how does it operate in freezing temps?

    You mentioned that it can have trouble gaining the power fast enough to overtake cars, do you think that is a Duke problem or a problem you think would be across all LAMs bikes?

    Is that the touring windscreen you have on your bike? If so, does it make much of a difference?

    I'm 5'7", and when I sat and straddled the bike it seemed to be a nice fit. I also ordered the ergo comfort seat since the stock one felt like a log. In saying that, I plan on days of riding for long hours do you think it's comfortable for those long touring times? You also made mention of the vibrations. I haven't even considered that after you mentioned it here, and I hope it doesn't affect me too much. But if it does, other then what you have mentioned, do you have anymore advice on how to lower the potential vibrations? I don't want to have numb hands all the time.

    I probably should of private messaged you, but maybe someone in the future might have some similar questions and may find our conversation here helpful.
  15. The heat of the engine really is no big problem at all. I've had a few 40+ days in Sydney and Yes, it is uncomfortable but not overly so. Nothing at all like my Brutale that will roast you alive.

    As to overtaking and power delivery, using the gearbox and keeping the revs in the right range helps. The KTM is quite nippy for a LAMS bike.

    As to vibration, I really don't think it's an issue. It really is quite smooth when accelerating and cruising at speed.
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  16. chaostheorychaostheory great to put it up here, cause it may help others in the future... You never know. Welcome to the KTM club. Hilarious bike...

    I now have the 2016 model since I wrote off the 2015 due to a skippy. Done nearly 3K kms on it already and no issues with the fan or heat.... Prob cause I've been in VIC where it's beyond friggid and any heat is welcome!!
    As far as the heat on the legs issue - I don't notice it. Wearing long trousers should protect you from the heat / cold anyhow.

    In the GC it had gotten to over 40 degrees in summer and the engine fan almost immediately turns on, and at the lights too. But again no issues and the heat indicator has never gotten to the max.

    The fan has even kicked in for me doing slow speeds at first & second gear on dirt roads in minus temps - so overall it will stand against cold and hot. Prob runs better in the cold weather tho.

    Yes I have a "touring windscreen" but it's not very large. It does make a bit of difference but it's mainly to keep the bugs & crap off your controls and GPS. Nothing is really gonna help you on the highway with such a light bike....you will feel some turbulence. Full stop.

    The gel seat - BEST investment out of any extra. Your tush will thank you for it. I've been doing 10hr days on the bike and a sore arse is not something I need to worry about :)

    Vibrations - it is a single cylinder so not going to be as smooth as a 4 cylinder. It's fine at higher cruising speeds. Maybe get bar ends that are chunky to absorb the vibration (if you think it's that bad), but I've never had numb hands & do 10hr days.... Or get gel insert gloves. But other than that. It's fine :)
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  17. GeorgeOGeorgeO , what tyres have you had on your beastie? I've nearly worn mine out already after about 8,500kms... and im finding more and more I'm going up gravel and dirt tracks... so i'm thinking 70/30 tyres.... Having never ridden offroad properly or been on a dirt bike I have no real experience what to look out for of how it would feel...

    Thoughts? I've been recommended Continental TKC70...
  18. Oh... And I needed retail therapy the other day so I got these... :p Can't wait for the postie guy to rock up!!
    image. image.
  19. #19 Valvoline, Sep 9, 2016
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    So today's 'little change' on the lawnmower is new rubbers!! yay!

    From Metzelers M5s:

    To Tyres to Continental Trail Attacks 2: (80% on road / 20% offroad).
    F: 120/70/17
    R: 150/70/17

    So on paper it doesn't look like all that much difference, (10-15mm circumference difference).... WRONG! For a short rider like myself I've now gone from having 2cms on the ground with one foot, to now on 1mm tip of toe on the ground. :sour: Which now I'll have to look for a new stand since the one that I have makes the bike lean over way too much, making me have to really work to push the bike off the stand. Having to slide the butt cheek off the seat jut a little to have better footing at the lights (jeez I envy tall people!).

    Tyres def make the bike look chunkier / beeffier. Way less clearance on the mud guards.

    Due to the Conti's compound, there is no need to 'scrub' them in. Sticky from the start; however I haven't been able to take the bike to the mts yet to give the short & curly corners a go yet. Jury is still out on the stickiness factor.

    The feel good, and the first thing was that the steering is more sedate and less responsive. Maybe not a fun factor, but on the other hand; it feel smoother and like the gears are working less hard - more relaxed feel - which to me it will equate to smoother or more relaxed touring riding. Looks like I'll need to put on the Metzelers back for the track.

    Having said all this - since I've had to drop the KTM on it's guts so I could reach the ground, has buggered up with the geometry to begin with, so my assessment of the maneuverability was skewed from the beginning. Maybe having these new tyres on has brought back the original handling characteristics of the bike into being?? I don't know.

    I'll do a better review after I test the suckers out over the weekend and take them on a offroad track or two - after all - hence why I got the 80/20s tyres :)
    IMG_0315.JPG IMG_0316.JPG


    After a day with semi dry and quite wet conditions, on straights as well as tight curlies, on semi smooth and crappy roads with scattered gravel thrown over the road for good measure. I can say - they've been tested now :)

    Still hold the original assessment of height/geometry changes. As well as making the tyre feel more "sluggish", but rather cushy and relaxed feel about it.

    The major changes between the full race tyre with 2 compounds (Metzers M5) vs the 80/20 single compound (Conti Trail attack 2) are:

    The Attacks2 def have less grip in the wet than the M5, ESPECIALLY round the corners (is this because of a single compound?),

    They absorb the shocks of the road nicely compared to the M5s, giving a more relaxed ride.

    The Attacks2 were/are ready to rock from 0.0kms with no scrubbing needed, even from cold.


    For longer wear and more smooth touring in on road and semi off road conditions = Contis Trail Attacks2

    For more responsive, extra sticky (even in the wet) on road riding = Metzelers M5

    :) peace out!
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