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KTM Duke 390

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by caz64, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Ok no idea which thread to put this in. Just curious as I have to get a new rear tyre for my duke after only 8Ks......is this average for a new tyre?

  2. Yep 8,000KMs is fine, I've had bikes that chew through a tyre in 4,000 KMs and others that last for 15,000KMs.

    Bear in mind that bike tyres are more sticky than car tyres and have to work a lot harder.
  3. I got 8400 on my first set.

    The M5 interacts are no longer available so got the new M7rr's. Can't complain
  4. I got a surprising 10,000km out of my first M5 rear, got a M7RR replacement and couldn't be happier! The M7RR is also a dual-compound tyre, harder in the middle and softer on the side, unlike the M5 which is a single-compound tyre. So, the M7RR will last longer and have better cornering grip than the M5.
  5. Wish I knew about the M7rr. Got the M5 interact. Will remember the other for next time!
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    I'm surprised you could find a M5 since they were discontinued, replaced by the M7RR, must have been left over stock.
  7. My mate got 800 klm out of a rear on his bike. No one could catch him on the old road though. Pigs included. So 8000 klms is pretty good
  8. Yes, think it is old stock. 800???? Lol
  9. I was getting closed to 20,000km out of PR4s before I wrote the bike off.