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KTM Duke 390 (a.k.a. Parktown Prawn)

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  1. malJohann submitted a new Showcase Item:

    KTM Duke 390 (a.k.a. Parktown Prawn)

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  2. Hoeveel mense gaan die 'Parktown Prawn' verstaan? Ek het nou lekker gelag!
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  3. LOL! As pointed out by @GeorgeO@GeorgeO for those that might not understand the "Parktown Prawn" reference, its a particularly big, nasty, ugly bug found in South-Africa, got its name from the suburb Parktown in Johannesburg.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Thanks for the compliment! I installed the DNA Air Filter, PowerTronic Piggyback ECU, Philips MotoVision H4 Headlight, Single Seat Conversion, Reverse Retro Bar End Mirrors and LED Flexible DRL Strips (need to update my Showcase) myself. The rest was added at the time of purchase or when it went in for a service.

    The PowerTronic is simply awesome, sorts out a lot of stutter and fuelling problems and adds about 5hp. No matter how you cut it, after the install you KNOW its there and just doing a superb job. You simply won't regret getting it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. Yes the resemblence is startling. Nice looking prawn though!

    Despite Australia's natural gift of pretty much the most venomous "insert anything here" , I'm sure glad we don't have those little PP bastards around - I used to hate the damn things!! And they ALWAYS used to jump toward you when disturbed :nailbiting:
  6. Vicious "little" mungrels indeed. I once encountered one on my way to the carport in the morning, ran back inside to get the broom and returned to find nothing. Pretty much jumped on my bike as soon as possible and got out of there! Someone Else's Problem!
  7. Very nice looking bike malJohannmalJohann , those LEDs look the part.
  8. Cheers mate, its my idea of hi-vis, they wrap around to the side too. Secured with some super factory looking plastic tie straps on the side.

  9. Now you just need one of these to match :)

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  10. Shit you don't need those man - anyone who can't see your bike is officially blind and shouldn't be on the road! 8-|
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  11. Mooi Maryna, mooi!
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  12. Took a picture of my DRLs outside today at 6:45am under low-light conditions, which is arguably the most important time for it to work best. As you can see, its bright, but not blindingly so, which is ideal. They're not that much help under full light conditions though, but do light me up in the shade or in tunnels and under bridges.


    Ideally I'd like a proper DRL setup like what you see on cars, where the lights are fully visible from a distance even in full daylight, but dims down automatically so its still usable in low-light or at night. For the moment I feel this does a fairly good job in most circumstances where its needed most though.
  13. Man its lucky you've set this up here in Australia malJohannmalJohann - back in SA the LED's (plus anything else that can't be unbolted in a hurry) would already be gone...:eek:
  14. As opposed to the whole bike?
  15. No that would make too much sense...
  16. Curious to know - when you reference SA - is that South Australia or South Africa?

    In South Africa the lights probably wouldn't work in the first place - due to load shedding!
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  17. RSA. Yes load shedding - what a load of crap. Worst thing about it is that Eskom don't even get their actual l/s times in line with their published times.
  18. This is off the grid though, I'm yet to fit my tram line electric interface. :eek:
  19. You'll have to rename yourself "TRON"...lol