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KTM Duke 200

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kai1980vw, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. hi all,

    this comes on sale in Aus. soon....
    wondering if it tickles anyone else's interest.


    I called the local dealer here, he reckons he'll have a demonstrator by the end of the month, or very early next month.
    He also estimated the price at around $6k on the road...


  2. They're both interesting bikes.

    The Duke 200 is a naked option for learners who don't want a cbr250r or Ninja 250. It makes around the same power as these two bikes but weighs around 30kg less. And it's a KTM! They just need to price it competitively.

    The Freeride 350 (there is also an electric version) seems like a bike that could make a good first offroad bike (thoughts, dirt riders?) and is road registrable. Wonder how the price matches up to other bikes?
  3. im always sus on first posts like this
  4. why???

    A Duke for a reasonable price? Wowsers!
  5. why? it reeks of spam thats why
  6. that's why we have moderators

    it's linking a road-test site

    if it looks like someone's trying to sell something, there are processes

    as it is it's just passing on information

    I'm happy to watch.......
  7. i still recon sus for first post paully
  8. yeah, I hear ya, but we've got to be careful but reasonable, he hasn't done any damage to the Ts&Cs yet.....

    I bet you're not the only one watching; there'll be a few fingers poised on the button, I can assure you

    In the mean time......
  9. yeah watching too
  10. Maybe it's spam.

    Maybe he is a new rider and this is a genuine first post.

    Maybe I posted it and then replied to it and this COINTELPRO.

    Maybe gregb is a COINTELPRO agent planted here to undermine KTM.
  11. The freeride wouldn't be a good first dirt bike, the suspension is way to plush and soft for riding and would make people hate dirt riding. It's a nice "trials bike". I'll give it to ktm though, they made a 4 stroke 350, very lightweight and flickable just not as a first bike. Again not dissing the bike its just not a first bike.

    It's nice but they need to make it a cheaper option. I can get a fully faired ninja 250r for $6K ride away.
  12. Opinion noted, thanks.
  13. It's relevant enough. Around 6K ride away would be great for the 200 Duke. I want one even though I'm not in the market for a small roadie.

    The Yanks on some forums are quoting a U.S. price for the Freeride 350 that's making them gag, so I wouldn't expect it to be a budget model. Early impressions I've seen are that it's excellent.

    The Duke 350 (not to be confused with the knobbied Freeride) is the one I'd really want to see reach the dealers, but the 200 arriving this soon is good news. I'll be seeing about a test ride if any of the dealers near me get one in soon, even if to get an idea what the upcome 350 will be like.

    Serious fun, I'm guessing.
  14. The Freeride 350 might be around the $10K mark.
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    I dunno, having my first offroad riding experience this last week, I'd want my first bike to be a moderately low powered 2 stroke 250.

  16. Disagree on both counts.

    The Freeride is light, mild-mannered and easy to ride, according to the reviews.

    The Duke is a KTM and has good spec running gear. It'll have more mongrel included than something like the Ninja, and is lighter. The 125 has sold a crapload in other markets.

    Think mini Street Triple, and I suspect that won't be far off the mark.
  17. yes you could be rite
  18. In no way did I say the free ride is bad, I said it's light but wouldn't be a bike I would buy for my first dirt if I was in the market for my first one.

    1. The price is expected to be really high, I mean most ktm's hold their value good so maybe it wont be a issue
    2. Having ridden "Trial bikes", I'm not saying this is but if would be a mix in between an enduro and the Trial bike, the suspension would be the killer in this situation, the engine would be fine, low enough torque that wont wheel spin or wheelie.

    I would say for a first bike for a mid teen - young adult - adult that a 250cc mx bike or an enduro bike would be the best bike, depending on their weight and hight though they might need something larger.

    I'm not saying my opinion is correct but is generally accepted the most around the world and here in Aus.

    Again not saying the free ride is bad but just not for a first bike because of price and suspension.
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    well played sir. you live in Menai :) as if you don't ride dirt :D I love menai ! the tracks are sick!
  20. #20 Ljiljan, Jul 14, 2012
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    I had my first offroad riding experience this week on a farm in SA. Why would I lie?

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