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KTM 950SM - Lust!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Oct 30, 2007.

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  2. I've had a couple of test rides of these. The first one shat itself (top end rebuild, I believe) so that was hardly representative. The second one was a good, good thing. Would take me a little while to adjust to the riding position, though.
    The only other thing wrong was the price. For almost the same money you can have the 990 Superduke, which by any angle is just a better machine.
    990 Supermoto is on the way, apparently :)
  3. Sorry to disagree, but it looks weird (and "looks" cheap - in a kind of crap Chinese way)

    For my money I'd go the Ducati (below).... AND it's probably cheaper. OR ,as titus suggests, the Superduke.

    p.s: What's the go with Superdukes anyhow ? There seems to be a few around with VERY low kms and half the price of new. Is it that they are shite or just impractical ?

  4. I think it may be because the pre '07 ones had some fueling problems (EFI mapping), plus a very small tank. The one I tried had NO problem with fueling, however.
    Both EFI and tank size were addressed with '07 model, apparently. I can tell you that when the 990 motor is running right, it's just magic, and a very noticeable improvement over the 950.
    I agree that the Hypermoto is a far prettier bike, BTW, but The KTM is supposed to look more like it's dirt-bike ancestors, and will appeal to a that kind of buyer, I guess.
  5. I personally think the Ducati is fugly.

    Yep, the Superduke is totally sweet too. That vid someone (briefly) posted in General Discussion today of them taking on an beating Gixxer 1000s in a road race was pretty cool.

    I'd actually be tempted by one of those cheapish second-hand Superdukes, since I don't want to tour it anyway and mapping problems can be fixed.
  6. Bravus, just buy one :grin:
    mapping problems can be fixed. KTM will update the mapping when you install akro's, problem basically solved!
    A lot of riders change down sprocked down a tooth to help smooth out lower speed riding as well.

    Small fuel tank however... Can be limiting on longer rides :(

  7. I agree with Bravus... The Duke is... well as ugly and similar to a Multistrada - there ive said it.

    and my Superduke Road Race vid was no doubt deleted cos it wasnt in Multimedia... lets try it again...

  8. I've always loved the duke and super duke look.

    The hyperstrada the hypermotard dont do it for me at all, although the hypermotard could grow on me.