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KTM 950 Adventure tank range...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heinz_Guderian, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. ... a simple question: 22 litres of fuel, doesn't seem enough in the outback. How far does it get? As bikes reviews get more and more shithouse, and I buy fewer magazines, I am left wondering.

  2. Hrm. Might be better to ask on http://www.advrider.com/ perhaps, as there'll be more of that sort of action going on.

    I guess it depends on how hard the riding is, too. My Tiger has a 20L tank and about 5.1L/100km on the freeway, 6L doing sports-touring and 7.5L in urban commuting, so its range is anywhere from 370km or so to 250km...
  3. On my 950 SuperMoto (17L tank), I get anywhere between 180km and 230km before the fuel light comes on, then another 40-50 before completely dry.

    With an extra 5L, I'd say you could expect 70km on top of that, so 290 to 350km till dry is my guess.
  4. Thanks for the replies. 300km sounds about right to me: my Superduke gets about 160 touring kms out of its 13 or so litres. 300 just isn't enough for an adventure bike. Hmm, how far will I push a heavy bike for $1574.99?
  5. I want to know where you found a KTM 950 for sale for $1574.99 :p
    edit: oh right, the tank costs $1574.99. Holy crap o_O
    And even more expensive if you buy from Safari australia...
  6. All the way to Ohio, apparently:

    I also like this part:
  7. safari tanks are made in australia anyway..
  8. That's nice.