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News KTM 800 Duke on the Way

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. It seems that 800cc is the new battleground for middleweight nakeds and sportbikes. MV Agusta arguably sits at the top of the pile at the moment with their brilliant F3 800 and Brutale 800 machines, while Triumph is expected to release 800cc version of both the Street Triple and Daytona. Now it’s been confirmed that KTM is well underway on a parallel twin powered 800 Duke.

    These pictures come courtesy of German magazine Motorrad and show the camouflaged machine undergoing testing. The article indicates that the the engine is brand new and will produce around 110 bhp. Wet weight is expected to come under 200kg so it should be a fairly decent mover. As can be seen from the photos of the test bike, it has Brembo brakes front and back as well as the to be expected WP suspension.

    What no doubt will get many people excited at is the prospect of an adventure/enduro machine based off such a platform. Many still lament the demise of the KTM 990 Adventure – this would create an interesting option and given the horsepower and weight of the machines would put the Honda Africa Twin under some tough scrutiny.

    Given how well developed the test bike looks, we’d expect to see an official announcement of the bike made later this year.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. Forget the Adventure, how about a new Supermoto R?

    That said, it's a parallel twin - I hope they didn't use a 180-degree crank.
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  3. Apparently 270 degree according to the Motorrad magazine.
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  4. Ohhh.......Yes. Please.
  5. Nice KTM, further complicating my decision making.
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  6. Keep the electrical aids to a minimum and stick on a quasi-motard bodykit a la MT09 Street Rally you can just shut up and take my money.
  7. Which offcourse is exactly what'll happen. If they can keep wet weight around 170kg that'll be helpful too.
  8. They are reincarnating the Husky Nuda a few years after making their own excellent sub 1000cc twin. I'm not fooled, I think it's a stupid thing.
  9. Hopefully not, I love the Nuda for what it is. One of my possibles staring at me like a dog for attention from the sideline amongst all the other around-a-litre bikes. Are you saying the KTM will have the Beemer engine, or that this is their own version of it, with the stated crank offset and all?
  10. For mine...... the 600 Duke is a single and I don't really want that. The 1200 is nuts and too expensive for me as a daily commuter.

    The 800 under 200kg, with 110hp and a decent torque number would be absolutely perfect.
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  11. So save yourself some cash and buy a used 990 superduke, on paper they look suspiciously similar.
  12. Watching with interest.

    Surely that test bike would be more inconspicuous if it were orange, black and white? The camo kind of screams "you're not supposed to see me!" But everything is still KTM-shaped.
  13. The thought has definitely crossed my mind before.