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KTM 690 Duke - new for 2008

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jekyll, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. #1 jekyll, Mar 28, 2008
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    These things look like fun. The voices coming out of the toaster want one.

    A 654-cc single which looks just as startling as its bigger brother, the 990 Super Duke, but 65 HP (48 kW) / 148.5 kg down from 118.00 HP (86.1 kW) / 186 kg. Presumably it's a bit cheaper too.


    I haven't been able to find that much about them though:




    any more info? Review your test ride and you may win a free mars bar*
    * postage not included
  2. $16k + ORC according to AMCN. Way too expensive, that's Speed Triple money.
  3. That's expensive. KTMs must be a thief's dream bike: lightweight and expensive.
  4. ehmm ...

    Any news about possible delivery out there?
    I am just about to waste another weekend without that bike, not good.

    btw: I was trying a couple of times to google some more focused boards/forums, something like KTM 's in Australia. No success. Any hints?

    thx ragazzi!
  5. all things ktm: ktmtalk.com
    supermoto in Aus: vsmr.net
    supermoto in US: supermotojunkie.com
  6. :grin:
    Just about what I was looking for.

    big thanks to devotard!!

  7. No probs Hans. You've obviously got good taste in bikes, so I would help out whenever possible. ;)
  8. They aren't that light.
  9. Latest news: not to be delivered before mid may, and even then, who knows, since only a handful whites ones are coming to Au.

    If anyone sees a black/white duke 690 in a shop please let me know, the loyalty to the dealer I ordered at is slowly at the decline :mad:

  10. Traitor -everyone knows if you are going to buy a KTM then it HAS to be black & orange :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Be interesting to see if this batch of 690 donks, suffer the same chronic gearbox problems as they did on the last Dakar. The achilles heal of the KTM they called it then :?
  12. Naa, although I don't mind some orange on the bike. Heres what I did to the last KTM I had. :?




    I never liked the flashy stickers on the KTM. As time goes by and midlife crisis is getting stronger I decided to be hip and fashionable, hence the black & white duke :p

  13. Good review of this (and its stablemates the SMC and Enduro) in the April Two Wheels.

    Taken as a bike in itself it sounds like an absolute hoot... but the comment above about 'Street Triple money' would keep ringing in my head, I think.

    Personally, the Superduke is the one I find most tempting.
  14. All depends what pushes your buttons in my opinion. The duke does come with far superior WP suspension -add that to the price of the street triple & things start to look a bit different. Other little things such as lack of weight make a huge difference to the riding experience. Sometimes these things just don't stand out when you start riding the spec sheet instead of the bike :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. bump!!

    Major dissappointment here!
    Now the bike ist due end of may, no black/white avaliable :mad:

    Wonder whether the mails I just sent around will help allocating the much desired?

    So again, if someone knows something it would be much appreciated!

  16. One more KTM?

    ...so Hans, it's end-June.

    Are you KTM mounted?

    Would be v intrested in hearing about real world expereince with this new 690 single strictly as a tar-baby.
    Is it really that smooth as they are claiming?

    Also the under engine exhaust, frees up the rear of the bike, but are there any minuses?
    What does chain lube smell like when you're dripping it on the exhaust off the countershaft cover?