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KTM 690 Duke 2013 Lower Suspension

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by GingerSnap, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Hi Everyone

    Noob here, just wondering how I can go about lowering my KTM 690?
    Sitting down I am on my tip toes, so need to lower a few centimeters.

    I'm a commuter motorcyclist, so just need to be in a situation where I can park the bike up and downhill safely.

    I'm In Sydney and don't have too much money to dedicate to this.


  2. Before lowering try to slide your ass to one side and see if you can put your foot down.
    You don't need two feet on the ground.

    May work for you for some time.
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  3. What dimadima said.

    Other things that may make life easier include a thinner seat if available, or find boots with a bit more in the sole and heel (don't laugh - I get about 1.5-2 inches extra height from mine which makes the difference between dancing on tip-toes and getting decent leverage on the ground). Practice getting off the bike on an incline and walking it into its parking spot.

    If you go the lowering option, there are a number of ways. Easiest and cheapest is backing off the preload (if adjustable) and/or getting softer springs so the bike sits lower in the suspension travel.

    To lower the rear you can get different linkages for the shock. Front is a bit trickier, you could raise the tubes but you can only go so far until your front guard hits something. Shortening the suspension internally is safer but can get pricey.

    All of these things will affect your ground clearance, and you'd wanna lower both ends roughly equal to keep the same balance. If you lower the bike dramatically, you'd probably need to get the suspension set up properly for the new height and shorten the kickstand.

    Check with a good suspension specialist to see what it'll cost. Shock Treatment and Teknik are the ones that come to mind.
  4. 10972014-1412349089-47482.
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  5. Thanks dimadima , been doing that for a year.

    Thanks, Have tried the seat, shoe and sliding to one side. My biggest problem is parking and stopping in the rain (especially in my garage where my boots slip all the time)

    Is there any person who can lower KTM's in Sydney you guys would recommend who are reasonably cheap? I'm getting quoted 600+ which is a bit steep considering a friend got his done for 150 in Brisbane. He says they're taking advantage and should take a guy with me to get a quote (what do you think)?.
  6. Let's do a ride to Brisbane and you can lower yours there. I'm actually still tossing to drive or to ride to Brisbane in a couple of weeks. Hahahaha. [emoji16]
  7. Bit rough when they reckon you have to take a bloke with you to get a quote!!!
    Sorry I cant help you but maybe try the KTM dealership in Wollongong? Ring them and ask , might know somewhere around who will do it....and if you have to say its for a male mate even though that really cheeses me off!!!! :)
  8. Including labour, $150 wouldn't get much more than linkages for the rear and raising the fork tubes a bit, which might be enough if all you're after is that last couple of centimeters. Have you asked your mate exactly what was done to his bike so you can compare apples with apples when you talk to the shop?
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  9. It looks like there's a factory KTM chassis lowering kit available.
    Is that what you've been quoted for?
  10. Don't forget the side stand. Lowering the bike a significant amount will make the bike stand more upright on the stand. Many, if not most, lowering kits include a shorter side stand. This can add expense to the exercise, as can modifying the existing one, not the least of which might be realised at resale time. A kit is probably the way to go, so any eventual buyer can have it at standard height, if that's what they want, because the original link and stand is available. Lots of taller people like these bikes because they are the height they are, so if a bike has been lowered in such a manner that it is not easily reversable, it will be attractive to fewer buyers and these taller buyers will make up most of the interest.
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  11. GingerSnapGingerSnap, regardless of the height issue, what do you think about the bike overall?