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KTM 640 Supermoto (JUST BOUGHT ONE!!)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TassieRider, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    After a quick bit of advice - I am on restrictions but am booored of my suzuki across (great bike, never skips a beat etc etc, but I bought a bike for FUN). I have been looking into motards as an alternative (I don't do highway riding, just commuting every day as well as blasts on the backroads). I have a two part question keeping in mind that I want the most fun I can have while restricted, and also that I require REASONABLE service intervals... so no 2 strokes and preferrably at least 3000km service intervals:

    1 - will a good LAMS approved SM be 'a lot' more fun than the across, or should I just suck it up and wait till I'm off restrictions and;

    2 - In particular, if I go the SM route what do you think of a 2005 KTM 640 Supermoto for around $8k with around 3000km on the clock? Are there MUCH better SM options than this? (also I'm in Tas so options are limited...)

    With all of the above taken into account, do you think it's worth the $4k+ to upgrade?

    Advice from those who have ridden both style bikes would be invaluable!

    Thanks very much in advance!!!
  2. are you sure the ktm 640 is on the list LAMS list??? I believe the 640 and 625 have the same motor and frame only difference is the 625 has no fairing.....if you can ride it on lams, do it, it will shit all over the across in everything except comfort....

    I have ridden roarin's 625 with motard rims and fark me if i didn't want a bike i could tour on and really load down with gear, i would have one right now, super fun to hoon around on, which is probably why he owns it too :LOL:
  3. Hmm it's interesting, the ad lists it as LAMS approved, but it isn't on the list... HOWEVER the following are...

    LC4 SERIES 300
    LC4 SERIES 400
    LC4 SERIES 500
    LC4 SERIES 540
    LC4 SERIES 550
    LC4 SERIES 600
    LC4 SERIES 625
    LC4 SERIES 650

    Given it's an LC4 640 and the 650 is approved I would assume so? May have to check that with service tas...

    Thanks for the quick and helpful reply though mate!
  4. The LC4 640 is the model name and it's a 625cc so it's on that list.

    Great bike - not as fragile and demanding as a lot of ather highly strung motards. But change the oil often.

    Had one as a trackie and it was an absolute hoot. Never missed a beat. Pops wheelies in third. That's the problem with using power to weight - doesn't take in the power delivery but it gives you a great fun bike to ride.
  5. Might be wrong, but I'm thinking RTA is the only place that's ever heard of a 650 LC4 ... :?
  6. Aha! That makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up for me... I might have to go take it for a spin, sounds fun fun fun!!

    I agree with what you're saying about LAMS not taking into account power delivery - thats why I'm hoping that this will be a lot more fun than my i4 across, probably the worst engine configuration given the LAMS restrictions...

  7. it wasn't on the LAMS list when i test rode one last year or i would have bought it. i have a solution to all your problems...buy my drz :p
  8. Also are in NSW

    From memory someone bought a Husky SM 610 from Tas who posts here :?

    Motarded my TE610 and plenty fun. Not quite as much poke as the KTM, but definitely smoother (rode a 2003 640) with six speed and IMHO better suspension as well as being lighter should see close to the same performance

    Should go close for $8K to getting one
  9. Sooooooo.... I picked up my KTM LC4 640 SM today...


    I should quantify that by saying the only other bike I have ridden is a 1996 suzuki across.

    Holy crap.

    First impression:

    Startup: Beejeezus, it's stock but the baffles have been removed. Sounds like nothing I've ever heard before. Like a flock of angry V8s, and boy does it bark when you blip the throttle! Mmmm me likey.

    0 - 10 mins: VIBES!! Man does this thing vibrate... I can't feel my feet, my hands, hell I can't even see straight... inline 4 this is NOT. How the hell am I going to live with this daily?? Riding through busy area so not game to go much above idle, just cruising... Straight away the bike feels light and the handling fairly telepathic although very very scarily different to the only other bike I've ridden...

    10 - 15 mins: Vibes? what vibes? Seriously though, after only 10 mins (remember I spent 4 months on a very smooth across) The vibes are barely noticeable. Ahhhh finally I can think (and see) straight, Whats that ahead? The highway you say...

    15 - 15:15 mins: Lets give it a bit of a squirt onto the highway... I'm in 4th at fairly low revs so nothing too flashy will happen, after all the across wouldn't even be starting to wind up yet at these speHOLYSHITTHISISFAST!!!!!! *note to self... have to make slightly more effort to hang on to this bike than my old one* Maybe I'll just take it easy for the rest of this first ride...

    15:15 - 30mins (home): Man is this thing fun. I don't think I got past 1/2 throttle or 3/4 rpms and I still managed to shit myself. Numerous times. In a straight line. Thank god I at least have the 4 months of sane motoring on the across under my belt. I think if this was the first bike I'd ever ridden I would have crawled off it and slunk away whilst quietly cutting up my bike licence.

    So overall I think this could be the start of something special. Pretty excited about the thought of my first wheelie, stoppie etc. I am a sensible, non speed limit breaking kind of guy but I can see that it will be hard to contain the inner hooligan while riding this thing.

    Comfort wise, being 6'5" this thing is super comfy. I was worried but the upright seating position is very nice and it's coooool being able to stand up! Not sure if the seat is stock but it's damn comfy, far more luxurious than the Across seat, which now feels as hard as a rock.

    I'm sure that I could wax lyrical for hours but bugger that I'm gonna go for a ride!

    Pics to follow when I get some daylight, and an update once I have gotten used to the bike and given it a bit more of a workout!

    Thanks for all your advice!
  10. Keep an eye out for a flat side carb for it, as per the 625smc. Then you will actually have some throttle response and *really* smile. Or imagine more horsepower and 40kg less... That's what you'll get when you convert a 530EXC for a bit of fun further down the track. ;)

    I think you sound like you'll enjoy it as is for a while though. :grin:

    Well done! Motards are ACE.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. Love to hear someone getting really wound up by a new bike!

    Sounds great, enjoy it, and good luck with the license!
  13. That's it. You just steered him towards his financial ruin. :grin: The next step is to just glance at KTM's Powerparts Brochure. =P~

    Hey TassieRider, congrats! Great to see another KTM convert. I reckon you'll always have a bit of orange blood running through your veins from now on!
  14. What's the flat side carb do?

    40kg less?!?! That sounds like fun!

    Congrats on the purchase dude.....i love the look of the motards and will most likely end up with one one day.