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KTM 640 Adventure

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ElZilcho, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Anyone have any experience with these?

    Maybe im just getting old, but im thinking of moving the R6 on and getting somthing that i can strap a pack and a tent on the back, take on the rougher roads and so on.

    Would also be looking at the BMW F650GS Dakar, and possibly some of the other "dual sport" offering from the Japanese mobs.

  2. Have you had a look over at AdvRider? That'll be your one stop shop.
  3. Not the adventure but I do have a 625 SXC. Same engine/frame/suspension but just stripped back to the bare minimum enduro style. I fitted the 18 litre tank & comfort seat. Also bought a motard kit as well :) . This makes it much much smoother on the road. However I still refer to it as the orange paint shaker :LOL: -they do vibrate a fair bit. Enough to shake your feet off the pegs as you cruise along :shock: But one must remember they are a fairly high performance single cylinder engine. With the 17 inch wheels fitted it would have to be the most fun bike I have ridden on the road. But I do have a penchant for the odd stoppie & wheelie. Well perhaps more like an addiction than penchant :LOL: :LOL:
    In the dirt they are way more nimble than their size and weight would suggest. If you're keen enough & know how to twist the throttle a bit you can keep the smaller 250 & 450 enduro weapons honest -as long as it's not too rough, rutted & muddy. As soon as it opens up a little though then look out :LOL: :LOL: They handle offroad stuff better than the Honda XR 650R, weigh about the same & have the bonus of electric start. The KTM feels much lighter though.
    They also have some of the best componentry fitted as standard -WP suspension front & rear, Brembo brakes, Magura bars & hydaulic clutch etc etc. The BMW would be a much more civilised bike on the road -smoother & longer engine life. But the KTM would absolutely slaughter it once you got off the black top :)
    The owners manual lists oil changes & valve clearance checks every 5000kms. Mine gets done every 2-3000.
    Hope this helps a bit.
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    Roarin's given you some good info :cool:

    Devotard's right about advrider, it's a HUGE resource that I've spent countless hours reading and now on my third all-roads bike.

    It all depends on your riding style. What do you want to do? Is it commute? Weekends only? Week long trips away? What's your budget?

    BMW F650GS is a fairly soft bike. In that it goes very well on the road (for a dual sport) but is a bit heavy and not that punchy for serious off road. Fuel injected models get great economy. If you want to get a bit more serious, look at the Dakar model with 21" front and more suspension travel. Or if you got $15K look at the new xChallenge

    The Jap's offer Honda XL650L (or as Roarin sugested XR650R but kick start only) and DR650 both air cooled. Kawasaki have KLR650 with HUGE standard tank, comfier seat, water cooled but a bit less trail orientated - I used to own one and really enjoyed it, but a bit heavy and not quite enough power for me on the open road.

    I now own a Husky TE610, and like Roarin have motard wheels to effectivley get two bikes in one, six speed, top suspension and brakes - few pics in the garage

    Have also ridden a KTM 640. Good power on tap, big tank, but too many vibes for me

    Then onto the bigger adventure bikes - GS1200's, KTM 950/990 or the softer options VStrom (650 is a great all roads bike or 1000 for two up riding), Pre 2005 Triumph Tiger (125hp :shock: ) and my first attempt at off road riding was on an Aprilia Caponord

    Having said all that - look at what these guys are doing to the factory prepared GS1200's - also known as HP2's :cool:

  5. Thanks for the opinions guys. Id be looking at buying 2nd hand, so i imagine i would need to be pretty careful given the treatment some of these bikes could have been through. As i said, selling an '07 R6, id probably be looking at spending up to $10K.

    The BMW Dakar bikes seem to hold their value ridiculously well - $9K for a 2002 model with 35K on the clock!? I hear they can go on for ever though if looked after.

    Doesnt seem to be many KTM640A on the market, those that do have quite a few K's on them... what sort of lifespan do those engines have?

    I hadnt considered the Husky.. is the TE610 just new on the market? Doesnt seem to be any available 2nd hand.
  6. There's not many TE610's - new model from 2006 - previous production run wsent to 2004 (these go for around $6-7K) but newer model well worth the extra. Keep looking, you may get an 06 for around $10K, as they go for around $12K new.

    $10K should go close to an 03 (or a few extra $$'s for an 04) Dakar - obviously as low Kms as you can - I doubt you'd be too disappointed and will do you well to see where you'd like to go in your riding and not suffer too much in depreciation.

    The KTM's are a good engine, and should last a while, but ride one first before you commit as they are definitely an acquired taste. There are normally a few for sale on advrider under the Aussie Regional Forum. Most of the guys that own them, service them well - experienced owners selling, will generally be going bigger or smaller.
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    *chokes* No way.
  8. Every time I watch footage from the Erzberg I never know whether I should get out there and practice or just give up.
  9. Looks like it could be a nice deal...


    Might go to a dealer and try to get a test ride on one :D

    The BMW Dakars - i just wouldnt be too keen on paying close to 10 grand for a 02/03 model bike with plenty of KMs on it... sure they hold their value, but still...

    Ive been reading about the TE610, some people seem to hold a few reservations about the reliability of the older models (2003)... any thoughts?

    Also having a look at the KLR650 from Kawasaski - damn those things are cheap arent they!
  10. Pretty good price on the KTM - organise a test ride and see how you like it.

    The Husky's had a reliability issue up to 2000 - something to do with the oil pump. AFAIK fixed in 2001, Test rode 2003 model, and it went fine. It was around $6,500, so for the sake of two years warranty spent the extra cash on a new one. The new Huskys are fine. Again, over on advrider there are guys who have done 30,000miles on the new model and no problems.
  11. went and had a look at the KTM 640 at a dealership today - jeeezus that thing is tall...it would be like getting on a small horse!
  12. Suspension should sag a bit when you get on, if still too tall you can cheaply lower the BMW650 and DR650.
  13. Mate i think this might be a really good peice of advice for me. Given that i have little to no experience on the dirt, the Dakar is likely to be able to handle that fairly tame stuff that im able to do, whilst still being smooth enough for my commuting and so on. If in a year or so i decide i want to push things a bit further into the rough dirt wise, i should be able to move it on for a good price... perhaps the KTM 690 will be out by then :D

    That said, the Dakar seems awfully heavy (177KG compared to 155KG for a 640A)

    Found this Dakar pic on Advrider!