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KTM 640 Adventure vs R100GSPD.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by goof, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Okay folks, am thinking of buying one of these. SHould I? I have test road and can get a second hand '06 so I want to know if this would be preferable for 2 up touring in outback Oz or not. I have not had anything to do with KTM in the past, I have been a BMW person and am also considering an R100GSPD. Had one for ten years, sold it 5 years ago and still regret it.

    ALSO: Are the factory KTM panniers any good? The one I am looking at already has the racks fitted ($700) so I would get the panniers. If they are no good I will opt for a set of aluminium jobbies (touratech or the like).

    I like the idea of trying something different, but I could also happily go back to the PD.

    I also tested the 990 Adventure. looks good, sounds great and goes like a cut cat. But costs twice as much.

  2. So what is your budget? I can't see an 06 Adv being the same price as a R100GS :?

    And by touring the outback, are you talking deserts and stuff??

    Take a big test ride with your pillion. These are not smooth bikes and if you can handle the shaking, then go for it.

    The factory panniers are fine from all reports, but check out sites like advrider for a full list of alternatives

    For what an 06 Adv would be going for, and considering pillion comfort is important, I'd be leaning towards a GS1150 or maybe even a Triumph Tiger or a 1000 Strom.
  3. G'day toecutter,
    I had an 1150GS Adventure, I traded my PD for it. Had it for 2 years. I found it excellent on road, 2 up, carrying gear etc. Off road I did not like it. Its weight combined with the 19 inch front resulted in a lack of feel in the front end and therefore a lack of confidence. It is a bike that looks the goods but when it comes to the crunch does not cut it where it counts, in the sand and serious gravel. The PD in this regard was exceptionally good. Oh and simple, you could fix it with a flat head screwdriver and a set of spanners.

    Another advantage of the KTM is that I will be getting a current model with low mileage, to find a PD for the same dollars, well mebbe a bit less, I will be looking at something that is 15+ years old.

    I expect to cop some flack from die hard 1150/1200 nuts, and would be disappointed otherwise.
  4. Check out ADV - I recently discovered it and it's a mecca for all things off-road! I'd go a KTM anyday.
  5. Went riding today, one of the guys bought a 640 with 6,000kms and Staintune for $10K. Reason the guy sold it was becuase his wife wouldn't get on it....

    If your PD can pillion and you can ride it better than the 1150 and 1200, then start looking for one :cool:

    And what are the PD's going for?
  6. Paying 9-10k for a PD in good nick, and that will be about 13-15 years old with anywhere between 100-200 on the clock.

    Sounds like your mate got a good deal on his. The one I am looking at also has a staintune, along with 15,000 klm and the racks, they want 12 for it. Its in a bike shop. I am thinking of telling them I will give them the 12 but I want panniers with it.

    I do rate the PD but I think it is time to try something a bit different, and anyway I still have my old 81 R100rs in the shed for when I need to get a fix of riding a boxer.
  7. Considered a (new) Transalp?
  8. Yeah he bought his from a private sale at Bathurst.

    $12K with panniers be an OK deal, think they cost around $1,500 and you get a dealer warranty.

    Not a bad investment, they sold new for $13K in 1992 :cool:

    I see the odd one come up for sale on advrider, and one my mates went to Oberon to check one out and was disappointed with it, think he wanted around $4K for it.
  9. Good call, 21" front, probably about the same power as a R100 and all the modern technology and get a few year old one for under $10K.

    Went on a trip with one last year, handled the dirt well, and the only thing I didn't like was the exhaust made for a wide load with panniers one.

    Transalp Specs

    Where you at Goof - one at Sydney City Motorcycles for $10,990 saving $2K :cool:
  10. No I hadn't considered the Transalp. Mind you now I think of it that and the DR are both big bore dual pupose machines that have been around for ages and have proved their mettle. But then I suppose paying the extra coupla grand gets you WP suspension, brembo brakes and an absolutely bullet proof motor. I've had a look at the spec sheet on the Transalp, loolks okay but I am currently still leaning to the KTM.

    Thanks for the thought though.

    Toecutter, I am in SA, bit light on on the bike shops but got plenty of desert.