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KTM 525/530 Differences and Motard setups

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by Noticibly F.A.T, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Hey crew!

    Basically looking at getting a 525/530, but I don't really know what the differences are.

    I'm looking for a dual sport. Something I can use as a motard once ever 2 weeks, but something I can use in the dirt every weekend. Needs to have lots of power, and be easy to change the dirt/tard setups.

    I'm looking at a 530 this weekend hopefully, and maybe a 690 and a 640.

    Does anyone here know how the 690/640 will do off road? And does anyone know how long it takes to change setups from dirt to tard and vice versa?
    Also, if someone could explain the difference between 525 and 530 that would be fantastic! :)
  2. andy ride a 625, and from what he tells me it's the same motor as the 640 with less weight doesn't have all the front fairing shit), believe it's just a matter of swapping the rims, maybe a 20-30mins guess it depends how good you are with a spanner or air tools, and yes from what i have been told will go quite a way off road pending the nutter on the seat
  3. You can take anything off road, I know a nutter who took his SV1000 off road and lived to tell the tale......he is a nutter though ;)
    Ktm should only be used off road so nobody else has to look at them......they where designed in a dark room with crayons
  4. You can ride MX on a 530, I do on my 525. It's a bit soft, and a tiny bit heavier than the SX, but you'd have to be keen to be hitting 60ft table tops on a 640..... You mightn't want to do MX, but it's all relative. Manicured fire trails are one thing, hill climbs are another.

    As for the 525 and 530 differences.. One is a newer motor, all new design. The other has had the bugs ironed out of it over a number of years. 530 has better power, better suspension, but only slightly. The standard swingarm has more flex on the 530 than the 525, not as good if you want to road race or race supermoto. Again, that sounds nitpicky, because it is. As a street bike and a general usage dirt bike, you'd be fine with just about anything. Find a good example of either bike if you're going for 2nd hand, rather than getting hung up on the model. Low hours, maintained etc.
  5. Don't listen to him, katooms are easily the best looking dirt bikes and some of the best looking bikes on the road [-(