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KTM 450 or 525 EXC

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by bsaac, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Has anyone done a motard conversion on either of these bikes?

    I'm thinking of grabbing one and using it for 90% street and 10% dirt

    I'd be interested to hear people's opinions on how they go in motard trim and if there anything I should be wary of from a maintenance perspective?
  2. id check out thumpertalk and supermotojunkie forums

    plenty of them in superretards which seem pretty sick
  3. newbe, I know this thread is from a few years back
    just wondering if you ended up converting that KTM to SM. I've picked up a 525 EXC was registered before which makes it easier to get it back on the road.
    i've been searching for some rims and have read that they have to have cush hubs, also key switch is an issue

  4. I don't use a cush hub but it won't hurt so use one if you like.

    My WR450 doesn't have a key but you can't leave a motard anywhere anyway or you won't have it for long.
  5. Thx Mate!!!

    Will get the the cush not much price difference, it was just hard to understand when they designed the bike's for tar/dirt "enduro".

    I guess the key will not matter just need a couple of blokes to pick it up. I thought all converted SM's had key switch!!!