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NSW KTM 450 EXC STOLEN 31/6/2011-Reward for safe return.

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by KTM, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. 2007 KTM 450 EXC STOLEN out of my garage in West Pennant Hills on the 31/6/2011 around midnight.
    VIN: VBEXA4098M339568
    Rego: SWF 32
    Orange, 2010 white sticker kit with akropovic pipe. It had 98 hours on the clock.
    IVE HAD THE BIKE FOR ONE DAY!!! PLEASE if anyone knows anything or sees it around contact me or Castle Hill Police, will give reward.

    My sons 2008 KTM 85 sx was also stolen, orange VIN:vBKMXA2348M034665.
    Missing the black cap on the right hand side swing arm.

    Castle Hill Police- 02 9680 5399



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  2. Shit mate, sorry to hear it. One day, that's unbelievable. Good luck.
  3. I would be checking the previous owner for shifty business or someone from the dealer if you bought it brand spankers, looks like someone knew something for it to go so quickly.
  4. Yes I agree, bought it from a bloke in wagga which was a 6 hour drive from me.
    But I recently sold my 250 2 stroke and whilst that was advertised a guy called and got my address but never rocked up to see the bike. So the cops reckon it's part of a huge scam and that they just don't have enough man power to be able to control the amount of bikes being stolen.
    It was a professional job, they would have had to carry the bikes over my car to get them out and they had put a contact on the window which didn't make much noise when they smashed it to open the lock. All this while I was sleeping, which amazes me that they weren't even worried about being caught. They even came back for petrol cause we found the Jerry can down the road for the 2 stroke.
    Think I'm going to have to do my own investigating here and pay a few people a visit. Cops are too busy too even seem interested.
  5. If you find them, make sure they're unable to ride said stolen bikes once you're finished with them. Hammer to the kneecaps generally works.