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VIC KTM 390 Duke not LAMS approved

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by adarek, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. My apologies -if this is not correct place for this post....
    Hi everyone, especially riders owners of 390 Duke in Victoria. This bike is listed in Victoria as a LAMS approved bike -however yesterday I have checked on line status of my bike registration (curiosity) on VicRoads web. and surprise...LAMS status: NO. Being first owner of this bike and having all documents from purchase it- I picked up today my KTM handbag (really handy for it) with printed copy of rego. status and copy of LAMS list -to VicRoads office to sort this mess up.
    When I explained it to guy behind the counter-he look at all papers I have with me, to confirm it he also checked on his computer-the outcome was same as mine:LAMS status "NO" even bike is listed on they web as LAMS approved.
    He asked me to take a seat and wait for few minutes when he with my documents went to his supervisor to sort this out, after discussion hi manually changed it for my bike.
    Details of my bike have been updated as I am writing this post it is LAMS approved....however - if any one of you guys is riding it on restricted license -probably should check it.

    I have to say -there was no problem to have this error sorted out with my bike, apart of traveling to VicRoads and spending there some time.

  2. I wonder if it was something to do with the 'Duke' name being shared across the range.
    A while ago there was an insurance company that didn't realise there were very different Kawasakis called Ninja.
  3. According to guy at VicRoads most likely it is result of difference between: 390 Duke and Duke 390....