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KTM 390 Duke flywheel came off

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by malJohann, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Pics of the damage for anyone that may be interested. Moved it off mini rages to not keep polluting that thread with progress.

    IMG_1619.JPG IMG_1620.JPG IMG_1621.JPG IMG_1622.JPG
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  3. I'm going to remain very open about this, and I don't care who reads it.

    I've had a piggyback ECU on my bike which also increases the rev limit by 1,000rpm since just after the 1st service.

    There's also a DNA air filter installed, and I'm running a KevXTX controller box on the O2 circuit too.

    Anyone think KTM'll say GFYS if I request that they come to the party on the flywheel coming off?
  4. How old is the bike? How many ks has it got? has that area of the bike every been touched?
  5. Just over two years old at 26,000km. Two months out of warranty, go figure. None of the side covers has ever been cracked open. Only major repair has been replacing the BHG two months ago.
  6. Sent KTM Australia a PM on FB with a high level overview and request for contact. We'll see how they respond.
  7. That's not typical
  8. KTM Australia responded, I need to get the bike to my closest AD, so they can assess and talk to the Warranty Team.
  9. The first thing you want to do when lodging an out of warranty claim is to look for a pattern.
    I found this which appears to be similar to your issue so have a read and see if you cannot gain further intel. Your biggest problem is they may argue that the flywheel was subjected to increased load which could have caused the failure however there is some documentation around heat issues with their slipper clutch.

    390 clutch failure! - Page 2 - KTM Duke 390 Forum

    Good luck
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  10. Unless you've interfered with the rev limiter there is nothing you can do to take that part of the bike outside of design limits.

    they might be able to argue with brake failure or clutch damage, but not that.

    It's a latent defect.
  11. The piggyback ECU I have on extends the rev limiter by 1,000rpm.
  12. Time to un-piggyback.
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  13. and delete some posts
  14. Hit the gym
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  15. ..or not, that's not how I roll...

    Okay, so seemingly the writing is on the wall. My local bike shop already did transport and strip down worth $300.

    Options as I see them.
    1. Repair it at my local bike shop, parts quote from KTM is $1,600 and there's another $500 quoted labour in it, and $300 for costs already incurred. Total $1,600 + $500 + $300 = $2,400
    2. Take it to an AD, provide all details including mod history, get rejected and get a reaming from the AD for the repair. Plus pay $300 for costs already incurred and $100 for delivery to AD. $2,??? + $300 + $100 = Somewhere north of $2,400
    3. Get a running engine of unknown background but known mileage from eBay for $900 and pay another $500 to fit, and $300 for costs already incurred. $900 + $500 + $300 = $1,700
    4. Watch the auction sites, buy suitable (crashed, not stolen/recovered) donor bike for $1,000 (hopefully), part out at home and fix the engine myself. Pay $400 for additional tools I don't have, $300 for costs already incurred and $100 for home delivery. $1,000 + $400 + $300 + $100 = $1,800
    5. Do nothing. Take the train commute to oblivion and slowly go mad.

    Option 4 looks the long road, but the tastiest option. I'll pay in time, but gain experience and tools, plus have parts from an almost complete bike to flog on eBay so maybe recoup some costs over time. I don't have warranty anyway, so not concerned about that.

    Opinions? Pitfalls?
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  16. What mechanical experience do you have already? 4 would be my choice if I was able to take alternative transport (which sometimes isn't practical), or I had another bike.
  17. Electrical I've installed the piggyback ECU, O2 controller, LED headlight and DRLs myself.

    Mechanical I've done one oil service myself (others were done by bike shops), changed a spark plug, repaired the airbox once (had to pull off various bits including the airbox to do that), swapped and serviced the air filter, swapped brake pads, swapped the rear sprocket twice, and done chain maintenance, so all minor.

    Worthwhile noting that for this repair I'll only be transferring the stator side of the parts, and that I have the full workshop manual with instructions, torque values and loctite usage in my possession.

    I'll likely only need to buy a good torque wrench and some red Loctite to complement my current toolset.
  18. Mannheim Auctions.

    Saw a smashed up RC390 (front end pretty badly smashed) go for $700 - if it has obvious fork or frame damage they go for cheap.

    Good luck. Sort of glad I kept the old lawnmower standard.
  19. They have one now, but no key so no idea what condition its in or even how many km, also its a stolen/recovered.

    School fees I guess, next bike will have warranty/OEM approved performance mods only.
  20. Kudos to you malJohannmalJohann for having the balls to take responsibility for your mods regarding warranty.
    I would however still keep KTM in the loop and see if there could be some compassionate help even if it's half price parts if you go the repair option. Especially if there is history of this sort of failure on other KTMs.