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KTM 390 Dirtsack - Speedbag (soft panniers)

Discussion in 'Luggage' started by Valvoline, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. To undertake a 4-5 month motorbike touring trip to the southern states I needed more luggage than what my Ventura luggage could manage.

    The quote to get hard panniers installed on mt KTM Duke 390 came to about $1,300 which included the rack system and 2 panniers, but I would then not be able to use the top ventura luggage that I already had. With only 3 weeks to prepare and limited funds I decided to ditch the KTM branded bags and look for generic brands.

    I looked at many generic bike brands for panniers and most started at 13L to about 16L each side.
    The strapping system wasn't quite right to fit the small back seat and it was hard to accommodate the bags to rest on the pillion pegs (to stop them from fitting the spring and wheels).

    I ended up on an Indian website looking at the DirtSack - Speed Bags : a specific KTM 390 pannier soft bags.
    11L per side, with 2 pockets each.

    I found a dealership that would post to Aust. Outdoor Gear.com
    Outdoor Travel Gear
    They also have a bigger range of KTM 390 bags other than panniers :)

    It equated to about AUD$45 for the bags and AUD$40 postage. ($15 for the waterproof rain covers - they were out of stock when I ordered my bag so I didn't end up buying them).

    The panniers ended up doing 30,000kms on the trip, and they are in almost perfect condition - a added bonus of lots of dirt and bug splatters! lol
    The zips are heavy duty and no probs.
    I went through all sorts of weather conditions and downpours and there was only minor seepage of water into them - without rain covers. I did spray them liberal with waterproof spray before setting off on my travels.
    All buckles worked perfectly and the straps that held the bags into the pillion pegs for reinforcement are still perfect.
    The only think I can see happening over a few years is that the inner hard lining to provide strength to the bags to keep their shape may deteriorate and crack - but I don't know how long this will take.

    Speedbags inlc postage to Oz - $85
    Generic overly big bags - from $190
    KTM branded hard panniers - from $1,300 .....

    I know which ones I'd pick! :)

    254.JPG IMG_2191.JPG

    IMG_0317.JPG IMG_0318.JPG IMG_0320.JPG
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  2. That's some mighty fine Google fu ValvolineValvoline
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  3. Great price!
    But I did do a double take on the name dirt sack speed bag for some reason
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  4. Dirtbags for short :)
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  5. Yeah I know right SibiSibi !? lol I also had to do a double take and I think it could partly be done as a selling point. But by the end of a 30,000km trip, even on road they do end up being a dirt sack (especially when you hear it in an Indian accent!) hehehe ;) Still pretty good bags for the price!! <3
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  6. Always liked this song :)
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  7. Well I think that they prove how good the bags are from your trip. I can't see myself on a KTM 390 but if I do I will have them bags
  8. As promised FractalzFractalz - these are the semi soft Ktm panniers :)
    Great for the price (y)
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  9. Thanks for that .. they look great :woot: