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KTM 250EXC 2003

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dgmeister, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. this bike is insane.

    suspension is very so-so
    the rear swingarm has no linkage and is attached directly to the shock
    saves on bearings, but more sensitive to being correctly set up

    but that doesn't matter.. because the ENGINE

    the instant you twist your wrist, the bike leaps forward as if it is spinning the world the other way,
    like you just set off a bomb up your arse

    riding the trails, it really feels it is a lot more powerful than a 600cc sportbike
    it basically picks you up and throws you

    hits powerband off idle, then you change to the next gear

    40 odd hp

    show me your 450 and i'll whip you' arse

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  2. Awesome! I was thinking about the 300 version for my next dirt bike (still a while off yet)
  3. the 300 as far as i know is very similar
    the 250 is more racey and the 300 is more of a gruntbox
    puts out a lot of power even when not in powerband

    i was after a 250 MX or one of these or the 300, after blowing up a four banger writes it off
    and have turned 2stroke!

    this thing will race perfectly stock.
    get you anywhere
    don't pull on the bars or it will throw you off the back!
    brembo brakes and magura hydraulic clutch standard

    only gripe is the suspension being fairly average, but is probably on the MX side of HARD
    i hope you are very f ucking fit, or you won't be able to ride it for more than 3 minutes
  4. makes the response of an R6 seem like a LAMS bike

    now i know why the old racers call four strokes 'diesels'
  5. Yeh mate I've been riding a 2T 125 mx and even though it doesn't have big numbers, the delivery is brutal! It just doesn't have long enough legs. A 10 minute ride pushing fairly hard is bloody hard work! I always get off the thing short of breath. I originally got into dirt to improve my skills and fitness for road racing. It's definitely working, last track day I'd never felt so good on a bike. I really wanted a 2T and I'm glad I did. I don't want the easy way around that's not why I got into dirt. Ive seen my mate idling around on his wr450, it seems so dull. The plan is to get decent on the 125s riding in the parks then next bike get a road rego bike so I can venture into the bush. That's why the ktm300 interests me because its more on the torquey reliable side but still a mean ass dinger.

    But yeh I'm loving the dirt, I have heaps to learn but it's pure awesome.
  6. you know how a 125 is all waiting and then a powerband skinnier than kate moss?

    this thing hits band right off idle at a standing start, and stays in band until you run out of balls

    it never stops roosting
  7. Yes these are LAMS,
    not really an everyday bike but more a race bike

    if you geared it up for road use it would do highway speed easy.
    the previous owner said he drag raced a KTM 640 and beat it,
    the 250 was doing 140kph in fourth gear

    i reckon you could beat a 600 supersport to 100kph

  8. Just softened the rebound damping on the shock and forks a few clicks,
    because it was just really trying to buck me off over tree roots and shit,
    now she actually rides pretty nice.
    (riding sand)

    Gave me a bit more confidence to get on it a bit more, give it to her.
    tracks really nice now and actually felt genuinely fast and pinpoint accurate
    takes the hits a lot better,

    this thing is a racer for sure