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KTM 1290 superduke or.....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RRdevil, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. 1190 adventure R. I am sitting at a cross road. The 1290 screams to my inner hoon, but also screams to my license 'you're my biatch'. The adventure R just seems to be where my head is at and I'm not sure why. Do I want to see some of the harder to get to places? Sure I do. I'm getting a little tired of travelling the road most travelled and want to hit the road least. Feeling that everything is a race on a sport bike. Do I need the speed anymore? Will the adventure side of things sate my inner demons and lust for much more in this life? I could live with either but I can't live with both.

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    the 1190 adventure will still pull well over 250km/h if you want it to.

    i considered getting an adv bike because of the less attention from police but i don't think its for me just yet. i'm not an old fart ;)
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    Cheers JimmyD for the first time in my life I don't know which direction. I'm not some soft c*nt who would buy the adventure R and not hammer the shit out of it on and off road. The 1290 seems phenomenal, but why, I'm going to ride the same roads I have before at pretty much the same speeds I have before on my 1098 and fireblades. I'm not gaining anything just changing. Whereas the idea of hammering down these roads then saying to myself 'i wonder where that road goes' seems to be calling me. Does that make me soft, or am I really getting old
  4. Nothing soft about it. Figure out where the majority of your usage will be and buy the bike most suited.

    If you buy the Adventure keep in mind that (a) it's not a full on dirt bike so you'll be restricted to easy firetrails and dirt roads and (b) if non of your riding mates have adventure bikes, you'll be doing that stuff on your own.......what's the likelihood of that?

    Mind you, the Adventure would make an excellent on road tourer full stop.
  5. These big arse adventure bikes have a fair bit of weight to them. I'd be taking one on a test ride in the dirt before I got to excited about buying one. Throwing a 240kg bike around on the loose stuff may not be that much fun.
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  6. I'm right with you Devil - though not in a financial place to do so ATM - this is exactly what's been going through my head of late . As awesome as the 1290 would be , trying to use a 180 hp bike on the road , in this day and age ?? My dilemma is if I had the cash , would I go adventure tourer or regular tourer (but still keep the 9r - owes me nothing and would get 3/5 of fark all for it) . You mainly ride by yourself don't you due to your working schedule ? If so , have a few test rides on some adv tourers , see if you like it . I know for a fact there's some great little dirt roads through the Hills that tarred road only rider's never see .

    One of the guys I used to ride with recently moved to far north NSW and bought a Crosstourer , he's loving it - this from a quick guy who was running an 08 blade and a busa .
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  7. That's exactly where I'm at. I have the cash now for the ktm, either way, the 1290 price hasn't been announced yet but most reviews say $23,500+orc. The 1190 I can get for $23990 ride away and would look into the extra electronic suspension added on. I'd be running knobblies on it as I do want to get out there. Fast is fast, and you know full well GoldNine that it's easy to go well above license loss speeds up Gorge road. It's not worth the risk as my license is part of my employment. Although they have kept a couple guys on that have lost theirs I live 80+km from work
  8. Yes that's the issue these days , I work 7 days a week - full time job mon to fri , part time job sat sun (don't ask :( ) - so if I did my license , whilst neither job requires it , I'd be screwed ! Last summer sucked when they had that operation hills-safe , rode around in a constant state of paranoia !
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  10. I'm only 30. Maybe I peaked to early. I was riding when four carbies balanced was the best fuelling a bike could get
  11. a 250km/h, 150hp KTM is considered and 'old man's bike' now? o_O
  12. 278kmh in the other video. How will it handle with some knobblies on the bitumen though
  13. Wow , nuff said .
  14. Ha! I guess if you can ride like that you'd have fun...
  15. You really do want it all, dontcha? ;)

    Buy another set of wheels and tyres.
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  16. Yeah probably better idea
  17. I'm blaming Fa1c0n for this. He can't make up his mind what category of bike he wants, now it's contagious.
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  18. Mate of mine's got the 1190, he loves it. Upgraded from the 800cc Tiger. I've been on dirt roads with him and he seems to have no problems staying upright :)
  19. My mates just messaged me saying he's selling his adv bike and getting a superbike. Got his eye on a nice rsv1000r not sure if factory or not. So may as well get the SD
  20. How good a mate is he? Maybe swap bikes for a few weeks.
    See if you can live with an Adv.